NSW Photo ID Eligibility


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I'm attempting to come back to Optus after roughly 1.5 years with another provider (Jeenee, an Optus virtual provider!). I'm attempting to get that awesome $40/month 12GB SIM-Only plan online, but my only valid "Primary" ID is not valid for the online system. My NSW Photo ID. 

I don't drive, I don't have a passport. How do I get this awesome plan before it disappears on Sunday? Should I try to rapidly sign on with some cheap plan in a store and hope everything gets processed within this week, and then upgrade my plan online? Or are there any feasible online methods for me to obtain this plan? 

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Re: NSW Photo ID Eligibility


Hey @bigfootaus, you should still be able to submit your order without ID, someone from our credit checking team will be in touch if necessary, 

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Re: NSW Photo ID Eligibility


Thanks, but the online order form (on both business and personal) requires some type of Identification Form to be inputted - I can't even place the order without a Driver's Licence or Passport. 

I did attempt to place an order by using my old QLD Proof of Age card as a Driver's Licence, and while that let the order be placed (NSW Photo ID instantly doesn't work) it got flagged and rejected after a few days for being a Photo ID and not a Driver's Licence.


I'm gonna visit the Optus store in Broadway SYD today and see what they can do. Seems like the online system isn't built for people like me. 

Alex Holder
Games & VR Guru
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