Myplan phone not tradeable


So exactly 1 year ago i got myself a Myplan with optus in the hopes that after 1 year i will trade it for a new phone.

My iphone 7 plus has been well maintained but today i was told it wont be accepted cause of 2 small dents the size of a piece of salt.


That extremely annoying and dishonest. Its advertised as 'damage fee's may apply' but small dent is not a freaking damage.


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The MYPLAN is advertised as 'return in good working order' but i dont see how a small dent will affect the working condition of the phone which is in pristine condition.

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Unfortunately this is a grey area and its unclear if you have any recourse to force a review.


FWIW a dent (or two) indicates it has been dropped which can be a no go. 


As an alternative I assume you're getting an iPhone 8? These cost around $1200 now. 


Your phone should sell second hand for around $400 (maybe more)


Add in the $99 trade up fee you are avoiding.


Also you will be put on a new 24 month contract and your monthly payments increased to cover the costs of a more expensive handset (+$20 a month?).


If you just sold your i7 and bought an i8 and kept paying the reduce plan costs for the remaining 12 months. After that the handset costs disappear from your plan and you are on month to month (15Gb unlimited calls drops to ~$40 for the next 12 months)


Basically if you sit down and tally the expected payments each month over the next 24 months for scenario 1 (Optus Upgrade) versus Scenario 2 (Buy own i8) you should find the total cost of ownership equal or even coming out ahead with scenario 2.


Edit: Quick sample (assumes current payments of $80 a month. 15Gb data.) Payments increases to $100 with upgrade.





Peter Gillespie

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Thank you for your reply.

I was planning on switching to a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


It was the same cost as my iPhone 7 plus. $95 a month


However, from the way it is advertised :

 Is not physically damaged (e.g. does not have liquid damage, cracked, discoloured or bleeding screen (LCD) or casing, does not have any missing buttons or damage to other components such as charging ports or SIM tray).

I wouldnt necessarily call it physically damaged. A phone is a metal and even a drop from a low height will create a small dent.

In my case, most of the time i use my phone whilst using my laptop laying on the floor or bed and sometimes when the phone slips it hits the laptop resulting in a minor dent on both devices.


These are stuff that needs to be considered cause no human being will have a perfectly new condition no dent phone in a span of 12 months.



Re: Myplan phone not tradeable

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I can't help you with the upgrade denial, just provide some options. Looking at the clause you mentioned I see two things.


1) "or casing" - this grammar is weird but seems to be an example of something that should not be "physically damaged".

2) You're focussing on the (limited) examples. The clause is "not physically damaged". Your phone is physically damaged. 


So updating the sums with your new data we get:




So you can spend a lot of emotional (and practical) energy trying to get Optus to take $150 more of your money, or you can grab a Note 8 today and in 12 months have complete freedom to choose whatever plan you want.




Peter Gillespie


PS Be glad you're not leasing the phone from Optus. With your "physical damage" you'd need to buy a new phone to give back to Optus when the 24 months was up.

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