My new contract isn't what I thought I was getting, and I feel sick



I finished a 2 year contract with Optus last year, a bundle of internet/phone ($60/$40) monthly, with 6G mobile data. After it ended I just kept paying the same amount and got the same inclusions because I like them. Unfortunately last month my phone broke, and I did not hesitate to contact Optus (chat operator) to join a new plan so that I could get an iphone 8. My old iphone was a 5 so you can imagine my excitement. They said the amounts would be the same, internet/phone ($60/$40) monthly, with an extra monthly amount of $35 a month for 24 months to buy the phone. So far so good. But today I got a text saying I already used up half my mobile data and it won't be renewed until Nov 15. I phoned Optus to see what was wrong, and I got told the new contract I "chose" was $40 for the phone but only 1G of data. I feel sick to my stomach. You can't live on 1G of data. I've turned my mobile data off altogether because I'll be over limit before Nov 15 just from background functions running. They said there is nothing I can do because that is the contract I "chose". However no one in their right mind would accept a drop of mobile data from 6G to 1G per month. I firmly believed everything was staying the same except for the added monthly fee of $35. I didn't get anywhere with phone operator or chat operator. They said there's nothing I can do. To rub salt in the wound they said if only I would have gotten a 'sim only' plan, also for $40 monthly, they would give me 15G a month. The only reason I entered this contract was I needed a new phone. It's a mistake I deeply regret. Does anyone have any ideas? I feel sick to my stomach that this happened and I'm stuck with this mess for 24 months. This is no way to treat someone who has stuck with them and bought two phones from them.

Re: My new contract isn't what I thought I was getting, and I feel sick

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It does happen that some sales staff can mis-state what is included in a specific plan. Usually they aren't aware that the outcome will be different from what they are saying. Essentially though, it sounds like you have just been signed up to the standard Optus iPhone deal. It should be rectifiable though. It may also just be an error - Optus would usually be fine charging you a handset fee ($35) and leaving the existing contract in place.


If you do talk to others then IMO the key thing to note is that the a mistake has been made upgrading your plan. The handset fee was just meant to be added to an existing M2M contract. Not replace the existing plan. 


Hopefully a MOD will pop in to this thread and offer to look into the issue for you (can take 24 hours though). Optus also have chat history and what is represented there is also very much part of the deal (not just the written contract)


If Optus can't rectify the situation then you can apply to the TIO which should be able to resolve things. 




Peter Gillespie


PS As a side note, if you're on M2M then its often better just to buy the phone outright if you can. The M2M plan will be much cheaper and have more data usually. You also can change deals whenever if a good one suddenly appears. 

Re: My new contract isn't what I thought I was getting, and I feel sick


Thanks for touching base, @chateau1974. I'm terribly sorry to hear the above, this isn't the type of feedback that we like to hear from customers and it definitely isn't the experience that we want to create for you. If this hasn't been looked at since posting, please help me verify your account by sending through your full name, DOB and phone number via PM, and we'll investigate further. 

Re: My new contract isn't what I thought I was getting, and I feel sick


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the replies. Just wanted you to know I found an operator who could help me. They got in touch with me via text after I used the email form on the Optus website. Long story short, they said my choices were I could break my new contract by buying the phone out, and joining again with a Sim only contract, allowing me to access the 15G mobile data package at $40. The other option was for them to change my new plan, from phone + sim to sim only, at an extra $9 a month. I was told by a few operators before this one that changing my plan wasn't possible, so I'm relieved to find the operator who could do it.

I now get 15G mobile data, and 300 minutes international calls (which was also lost when the mistake happened, which I need because I'm Canadian). I couldn't afford to buy the phone outright so the plan change at the slighly extra cost is the next best thing. I was grateful they were able to change my plan. Several operators before them said it was impossible. It really does depend who you get. I even asked one of those operators if there was someone else I could speak to and they actually said no!!

So my good result came from me emailing Optus via their email form. The helpful operator got back to me within a few hours of my email. I'd already complained online by then lol.

Re: My new contract isn't what I thought I was getting, and I feel sick


Sounds like a best likely outcome. 


You may still like to request the audio of your initial phone call be reviewed / made available to you.


Legally the 'contract' includes everything that was said to you as part of the sales process. If its apparent the sales person did promise no changes other than the monthly fee then you are well entitled to get the $9 a month back too. Optus should do that but if not a complaint to the TIO ombudsman is easy and effective.


Glad you got a usable plan in the end.




Peter Gillespie

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