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New Contributor Graham1977
New Contributor

My mobile data

Why is it Optus thinks it dictates how o use my data I get 80 gig a monthly on my plan. Of wich I connect my laptop up through my phone, aswell my kids may connect from time to time.
Now problem is I get to forty gig and you tell me now after the fact I got this plan to do as I’ve said above. When plan was pitched to me that this was the way to go. I’ve never been over my 80 gig but have been charged 2 times now extra for data even though I have never been over my 80 gig plan. I’m feeling like deliberately misinformed about my plan and very much considering talking to consumers affairs as it seems even though I pay for 80 gig to do what I wanted and need . This is not the case I can only use 40 gig to do as wish with rather the 80 gig as promised
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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: My mobile data

So the issue is you've been hit with two top up fees of $10? Optus is usually pretty good at measuring the amount of data a customer uses. They will have records of when and in some case by what apps etc. You should be able to see a usage break down in your MYACCOUNT. Does that tell you anything?

But you should contact Optus directly and ask what their records show. How do you know you only used 40Gb? What are you tracking your data usage with?
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