My data is being calculated incorrectly


I have upgraded from 10gb to 15gb and now to 20gb over the past 12 months. I constantly go over the data by 2-3gb per month.


This causes me great supsicion against how the data is calculated. As soon as i increase my data allowance, the next month my usage goes up 8gb????? 

As i am a consistent user and have a usage pattern that is the same every month, I think the extra data is a added charge by optus to make extra money from the customer.


Has anyone else had this experience?

Re: My data is being calculated incorrectly


My 100GB 4G account is behaving more or less correctly. However, I have good reception.


A quirk of mobile data, is that if you have poor reception, you get billed for your re-transmissions. The network layer that deals with errors, keeps re-trying, and then you get the bill. There is no free lunch for those who can't be bothered to find a good phone spot.


You have to keep an eye on the usage details in your account, to spot anything weird. See if any large block of data happened when you had the phone idle. Deliberately download a 500MB file, and see if it looks like 1000


I assume you are using this on phone or tablet.

Re: My data is being calculated incorrectly


I'll second that, 15GB plan here and always fine. I don't even use WiFi at home and regularly stream videos with no problems. 

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Re: My data is being calculated incorrectly


Hi Brendan3057, thanks for touching base. We can assist you here by providing a breakdown of your data usage, including date/time of use and how much data is being consumed in each time interval.

Our Live Chat team can help here, follow this link to get in touch.


As an alternative, please PM me your full name, DOB and the number of your service and I can look into this for you Smiley Happy


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