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My bill after adding a value added service i.e. travel packs

My bill after adding a vas service i.e travel pack.jpg


The first charge is from the connection/change date of your plan/bolt-on/pack, until the end of the current bill's invoice period. Value added services may include Optus Travel Packs, Music Streaming, Optus Sport etc.


We’ll use an Optus Travel pack as an example:


vas bill.png


The Optus Travel Pack charge will appear as a charge for days purchased during that invoices bill cycle. In this example, the customer added a 7-day Optus Travel pack on the 23/07/18. The customer has been assigned a bill cycle of the 5th of each month. As the travel pack was applied and used during this bill period, you’ll see the full charge $70.00 charge on your bill.


If you’ve added a 7-day Travel pack on the 3rd of the month. You’d have purchased 2 days in one bill cycle and 5 in the next. This will show as ‘Travel Pack 2 of 7 days’ with a corresponding $20.00 charge for the one bill cycle and the remaining 5 days ($50.00 charge) will appear on the next bill.



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