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I am getting mixed messages on when the bonus data is applied. I signed up to the 85 MyFlex plan that comes with a 7GB data limit and an additional 5GB per month. My plan activated on 9 June 2017 but the 5GB plan has not been applied. I can't see it in MyUsage. Do I get the 12GB even though it is not reflected? The Optus agent i was on live chat with told me it will be only applied in the middle of month 2 of the contract so (20 Jul 2017) but when i walked in to a store and asked the same question, i was told that it will only be applied on the issuance of my second bill (so in Aug). This doesn't make any sense to me. I would expect to get the 5 GB bonus data at the start of my service. Why would I only get it after 2 months when the plan states that the 5 GB bonus is for 24 months? Anybody else has the same concerns or have experience the same issue?

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Yeah, that's real funny. It's strange that two salesmen would make up the same info. I think the plan is 7/3, though. Not 7/5


I should show on your meter as 10 or 12.

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Hi 10000000000GB - I am actually on this plan:


Re: My Flex Plan Bonus Data


I'm sure the good moderators around here will have an opinion. You might as well PM your details to one, and save them asking you.

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Hey Isy788, definitely shoot us a PM with your account number, full name, and DOB when you can, and we can check it out for you Smiley Happy





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