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My Account Creation Error

I have tried two methods of setting up an account to be able to monitor my usage, first i had tried multiple times on my pc to sign up where you must input your DOB and email, afterwards you must enter your service number and once doing so it says that I am not able to create an account. Also i have tried the Optus App method where a security code is sent to your device by clicking a button, having tried and entered these codes multiple times i continuously recieve an error saying that there was an issue while trying to create an account. Im not sure if this is due to me only activating my sim today although it has been at least 7 hours since i was in the shop. Also the plan i am using is a data only month-month sim, which could also be the issue, although i would appriciate if someone could point to the exact issue so i can see if it can be resolved. Thank you for tyhe help!

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Re: My Account Creation Error

Time would be a factor. Everything on Optus takes 24 hours - except when they close an account. That happens 2 seconds later.


You can use chat to set up the account

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