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Occasional Contributor

Music Streaming via Data Free stops loading tracks after multiple skips

Data free music streaming works well, but it has issues when I decide to skip a lot of songs as one does do at times.

After multiple track skips (5 or more for example) Google Music (my platform of choice) will then be stuck in a loading state for like 10 to 15 minutes or more. As a technical user I have tried to troubleshooted this, however I can still replicate my issue after each thing I tried:

  • Reinstalling the app
  • Rebooting the phone
  • Force stopping the app in settings
  • Clearing the apps cache
  • updating the apps/device fireware to the latest
  • factory resetting the phone

Is the app to blame? No, on home Wifi this doesn't happen

Is the network to blame? No, my home Wifi is also Optus 4G, same as my phone

Is my phone to blame? Also no, when this issue happens, I can go to other apps, like YouTube (which is also Google) and its fine

Poor reception? Nope. Full reception 4G and 3G does it, no matter where I am in OZ

Account issue? No. The music streaming is data free, that bit works as it should

Slow phone? Nope. I have a Galaxy Note 8.


512kbs is enough speed, I stream at 320kbps, whcch a single track loads in a second or two when it not hanging in that loading state for a prolonged amount of time. Again as technical user, in my opinion I think theres a bandwidth bottleneck (not referring to the 512kb speed limit) or poor confgiuration somewhere in the behind the scenes that makes data free music possible. .


Perhaps theres optus logic somewhere which considers multiple track skips in quick sucession as not streaming? Anyway, Thanks in advance for your help. Hopefully some of you more technical folk out there will undertand what I'm getting at



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