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Multiple Optus Support Staff not assisting in resolving wrongfully charged fees

Vicky .../user-id/64434

Aman_B ... /user-id/50094

AlexRH ... /user-id/83277

Toomey ... /user-id/66672

Meg ... /user-id/19686


These are just some of the Optus support staff who have promised to follow up in ensuring I receive a refund of money charged by Optus endorsed "content providers" who, without my consent, charged for services I never agreed to, wanted, or would ever use.


I've also received quite contradictory messages and advice from seveal of them.


One of them told me to pay an earlier bill, minus about $60, so that's what I did.

Another tells me I've already been refunded, but when I asked 3 times for evidence (since I could not see any signs of a refund) did not reply to me.

Another tells me that I must pay the $60.


For months I've been trying to get this issue resolved, to no avail.


Now I'm getting warnings that my mobile phone account is going to be restricted.


It would be nice if I can find just ONE reliable Optus support person who actually follows through as promised.

All the above individuals have been terrible. Especially Aman_B and Vicky.


Of course, I've kept records of all their statements, complete with contradictory instructions and false promises.

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