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Moving from prepaid to postpaid

Can anyone tell me whether you are having similar situation for moving from prepaid to postpaid and would be great if you could guide me what I need to do correctly to get thing done.


Raised request via online on 10th March 2018 to moving my optus prepaid to postpaid with a plan selected -  I already have an optus postpaid account for another phone. However after five livechats, typed to a nuber of nice agents, during one session I was passed on to 4 agents, up to today, 19th March, 2018, the moving still has not happened. So far I have got:

- 16th March: "Order has been processed - Just need to wait for 24 hours"

- 17th March: Only cancellation of prepaid order was visible and no order for new postpaid plan (Even I did select the plan at the time of request). - The livechat ended - Either timed out or End Chat was clicked as I got a survey screen.

- 17th March: Re-launched livechat, spoke to another person who ignored my requested to transfer to previous agnet and very keen to help - The result, "Please wait for 24 hours for system to process and you will get an email for that"

- 19th March: "Order was raised yesterday, please allow 1 - 3 working days .."

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Retired Employee

Re: Moving from prepaid to postpaid

@Allan001, we've recently migrated batches of post paid mobile services to a new billing/service platform. It sounds like we've initiated a request to migrate the prepaid service across to the new platform and will be actioning the prepaid - post paid transfer afterwards (hence the delay). 


I'm happy to check up on the progress of the order. You're welcome to send us a private message with your account details. We'll need your full name, DOB and mobile number.


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