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Occasional Contributor Croupier
Occasional Contributor

More dramas roaming overseas, has Optus become a joke?

More drams while overseas.

My last Crowd thread is here if inerested:


So I go to recharge so I can continue to recieve SMS while overseas, as we all know the ability to recieve SMS to you Ausralian number is very important for many reason but primarily for banking and account verification processes, as when travelling you are logging in from various IP's and generally require to verify your account ownership vis SMS code right.


Im presented with the ERROR:




So I get on chat, of course they tell me there is no problem at first and then that my card must be blocked. I explain I cannot even get to the payment page, really where do they find these chat people, I'm sorry but they are pretty dumb and it is so frustrating trying to explain, to them, the simplest of things.


So as I expeced they say dont worry, try again in 24hrs, I guarantee it will be fixed. Yeah right I sais has he read any of the Yes Crowd threads related to this issue? I dont like my chances.


So anyway it continues to not work so I find a online voucher through a 3rd party and am able to buy and apply a $10 add on that I have repetitively been told does not work for roaming to which I have repetitively rebbuted by copying and pasting the Info from the recharge page to numerious chat agent.




As Im sure you can all see it clearly states the recharge can be used for inernational roaming.


$10 Extras Credit Add On

To be used for selected premium services, standard international calls and SMS/MMS from within Australia, and standard calls, SMS and data while roaming overseas. Expires in 28 days. Non-standard international calls will be charged at different rates. Info on standard & non-standard int'l calls at Cannot be used for standard national calls, SMS & MMS. This will be used before any remaining Extras Credit. For information on roaming rates and a list of available destinations, visit


The following images are from the non helpful chat agent.




So could a knowledgable Optus rep please post and contact me regarding my ongoing issues, Im pretty much going to be financialy stranded soon if I cannot recieve an sms.


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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: More dramas roaming overseas, has Optus become a joke?

Hey @Croupier, please feel free to send me a private message with your number, name and DOB so I can look into your account, this is all very confusing and shouldn't be this difficult, my apologies for all the difficulties.


As with your card being declined, is it Australian?

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Occasional Contributor Croupier
Occasional Contributor

Re: More dramas roaming overseas, has Optus become a joke?

For the benefit of others.

I fixed he problem myself by removing and reinserting the sim card.


Re: No sms roaming
From: Kartika
Sent: ‎2017-11-26 06:59 AM

Appreciate the details, XXXXXXXX. I have checked your prepaid service to confirm the last $10 extra credit add on recharge was done on 14/11/17 and all roaming usage while you are in Ukraine is going through this $10 credit balance. The last usage was on 24/11/17 and your extra credit balance now is $5.08. Your $30 recharge on 21/11/17 has been applied as well which gives you 3GB data allowance, Data free music streaming, unlimited national talk & text, International calls to selected countries, $5 extra credit check out this link for more info on your offer. You can check all your balance details on the Optus app to confirm. Kartik



So for 10 days the service wasn't working, this is really unaceptable. It only started working on Friday the 24th and only after removing the sim card and re -inserting which was dumb luck on my part as no one at optus had suggested this, I kept getting incorrect information from customer support that I applied an incorrect recharge. Perhaps this method of removing the sim card could be communicated in a self help form on the optus website?

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