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Mobile phone number question.


Hi. I'm not sure if this is a question that I can ask here. I'm selling something online and long story short think the buyer is scamming me. They have given me a mobile phone number but when I do a reverse search on that number it comes up with no data. Is that normal? 


Re: Mobile phone number question.




Well, if its saying NO DATA, you might want to try calling it on a later time.

If the number is valid and active there should be no problem contacting it.

If you are using prepaid, have you double check your balance already?

Are you able to make phone calls to other numbers?

If not, then the issue might be with your service.


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Re: Mobile phone number question.


Hi. Thanks for your reply. I do have a prepaid mobile but everything is up to date and there's no problem with that side of things. I was able to send a text to the number the buyer gave me and they replied. So perhaps things are legit. Online scammers are very clever these days. I'll find out tomorrow if things are above board as I will be seeing them in person. They did ask for my paypal address to make a deposit but I declined and insisted on payment in person as per the guidelines of the site I'm selling on.  I thought it better to be safe than sorry and do some research regarding the possibility of fraud mobile phone numbers. Thanks for your input. 

Re: Mobile phone number question.


Goodluck! Smiley Very Happy

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