Re: Mobile phone not connected


Thanks yes, await your advice.

Re: Mobile phone not connected


Phone appears to be activated now thanks.


However I have a different problem that occurs sometimes:

-I can make calls from the phone, but the mobile internet wont connect properly (shows as connected, but its dead)

-Power off/on multiple times but no luck.

-Stayed like this for an hour, went home, connected to home wifi, then immediately turned off WIFI on phone and THEN I was able to connect to mobile internet.

-Possibly occurs after I go into the basement carpark in my building where it can't connect properly to mobile internet, and after that it won't connect.


How to somehow reset the internet connection? I tried calling phones, which worked, but that didn't have any positive effect on mobile internet connection.

Re: Mobile phone not connected


Just got this email:


“We are sorry to see that you have recently moved on from your Optus post-paid mobile.”


I hope I’m not about to be disconnected. I didn’t cancel my account. Toomey, if you’re around can you please check?


Re: Mobile phone not connected


Hey @Evil_Empire. It looks like to get your service working they cancelled/re-submitted it which caused the cancellation message, sorry this wasn't mentioned prior.


Have you got your data working? It's definitely enabled on our end so please run through the steps in the troubleshooting guide if it's still not working → Mobile Internet Troubleshooting


Feel free to PM me if you need direct assistance

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