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Mobile not working in Eltham Factory since tower work began



Further to my previous question, the Optuas tower work in Montmorency till the 11th of Dec was suggested to be the cause of my phone not working inside my factory in Eltham. I does not work in Bunnings either or in many other factories in Eltham.

This all begain suddenly approx 2-3 weeks ago.

My phone works perfectly when I am not in these Eltham locations.

It is now the 12th Dec and problem is still not fixed.

Given I have no reception whilst I am at work and this is a work phone, will Optus provide a credit?

This is a poor Optus signal problem and if I require a booster, Optus should pay for this.

Please remember, the problem only began after Optus tower works began.

Thanks Ben

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