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My husband died over two years ago of a brain tumour at age 46, I was his carer prior to his passing and had a very hard time of things, I still have my own mobile phone and internet with Optus.  I recently cancelled my husbands mobile phone. I explained the situation to Optus when I cancelled and now they are pursuing me for $30 which feels like a slap since I have been with them for absolutely years and years. I actually thought they might offer a refund and back date the cancellation of his phone.. How do I go about getting them to review this?

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Ohhhh so sorry to hear that ! When you first spoke with Optus, has anyone promted you to do a Bereavement form ? That form should be able to care for any of your husbands debts, provided you provide the required documents with the Bereavment form

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Thank you for taking the time to reply, yes they were told several times on different occassions of the situation.  I had enough difficulties with them just changing the name into my name and they already have documents provided to them for that.  No one has used their initiative, they have just taken the easiest course of action.  I think its time to review other providers.


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Hi Vicki2508,

Thank you for raising this issue.
We’re unable to look into account details on Yes Crowd. 

However given the circumstances I would like to help as best I can.

Please send me a Private Message with the account details and I'll reach out to someone.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.


I cannot knock Optus when my dad passed  I got a lovely fellow in Adelaide who did all the changing over of the phone and TV into my name for my mum. Even called up a couple of weeks later to see how we were going and to confirm it was all done. Best experience ever  

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Sounds like you work for Optus. That being said I do believe Optus are a much better company than Telstra who ring me from time to time to try and swap over.

Anyway the outcome here is the contact person here kindly got the accounts team to remove the $30 over due charge without the need for further forms etc.

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