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I signed up for $85 plan My Plan Plus with iPhone X online which included Mobile TV Streaming, Music Streaming and Optus Sport. However, Mobile TV Streaming would not activate (it would charge $10). I called Optus numerous times, and customer representative filed an IT case (1711070679). I was told this was resolved, but I called Optus again today because the Optus app and website still said $10 and sure enough, the customer represenative said I am being charged for it. 

I am highly frustrated with this service that is borderline false advertising. I signed up for a plan that had the three inclusions, received an email confirmation that had all three included for $0 and yet I am hearing from the customer represenatitive that it is not included and they will charge me if activated. 

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Optus generally charge for all services and then apply a credit on the bill for the same amount. 


I suggest you wait for your first bill and see what is happening. FWIW the free streaming deals are genrally automatic. I'm not sure where you are going to be charged $10?




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Hi All

           I signed up for a 24 month iPad 12.9 on a $80 plan which includes Mobile Tv Streaming and have had such a hard time getting it included with my plan. Have been on Optus chat for hours being passed from one person to the next and at the end get told I am not allowed to have it. I actually went for the $80 plan because I have a Netflix subscription and the free data streaming was the selling point. 


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That’s exactly my problem. I tell the representatives that Mobile TV is included and they would always start off by saying it is not, when it is clearly included, as stated in my email AND as anyone can see for the same plan advertised now online. I can’t fathom why this problem is occurring and why the representives have a hard time even realising that my plan includes Mobile TV streaming. 


This seems to be a common issue. My IT case apparently says resolved but according to my call today all they resolved was just add the Mobile TV while charging me $10 for it. I am considering cancelling this plan altogether and just paying for my phone and signing up with a different carrier. 

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* Streaming apps subject to change and subscriptions required. Stream video up to 1.5Mpbs. Charges apply for content such as downloads & ads. Fair Go Policy applies. The Mobile TV Streaming option is available month to month & does not form part of your plan.

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