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New Contributor LiamK
New Contributor

Mobile Porting Issue



I bought a mobile service with OPTUS on the 01/10/2018 and activated the service on the 08/10/2018. My old service cut off within 5-10 minutes with the promise that the OPTUS service would take 15 minutes - 4 hours. It's not the 16/10/2018, I have called OPTUS 7 times, I have live chatted around 5 times, and still nothing. Some staff have no idea what's going on, a few have told me it's a porting issue and that they "have fixed the issue and the service will be back on in 15 minutes - 4 hours", which it heasn't. I've had other staff tell me they need to investigate and that they will personally call me back if there are any issues, which they haven't. 


I'm at my wits end, I undersand complications can happen, but this is beyond silly. It's affecting my personal life and working life as I've now been without a mobile for over 1 week. Can anyone help? I just want my service activated. Any help would be appreciative. 



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New Contributor LiamK
New Contributor

Re: Mobile Porting Issue

Some things I forgot to include they may be helpful...


  • This service has been transferred from the Jeenee mobile team (I know, Optus to Optus)
  • My partner has had the same issues, but only had to call once to have her's activated imediately. 
  • This is a postpaid service, and BYO handset,

Thanks, if anyone could help I would very much appreciate it.

Moderator GuyCS

Re: Mobile Porting Issue

Hey @LiamK - really sorry for the delays with your activation and port-in. 


Can you please send me a private message with the following info so that we can investigate on our end:


Are you the primary account holder: Y/N
Full name: 
Date of birth: 
Service number you're trying to activate/port:

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New Contributor Atticus8
New Contributor

Re: Mobile Porting Issue

I am having the same issue trying to port from optus to telstra. Infuriating! Did you find a solution?

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