Re: Mobile Phone Plan Approval/Delivery Timeframe


Good Luck. I ordered an ipad last week. 6 days and hours on the phone later, I cancelled the order.

I spoke to 9 seperate people. 2 couldn't even find my order despite being given an order number.

Twice  I was lied to and told the order had been shipped, I was hung  up on twice. I spent HOURS on hold ( avergae wait time for a call was about 30 minutes).

Plus I am an existing OPTUS Customer ( but not for much longer!!) It's not worth the effort. I have a day off today so I'm off into town to the Telstra shop.

Re: Mobile Phone Plan Approval/Delivery Timeframe


@Roebuck, it really should be a simple & straight forward process. I'm sorry that we've let you down this time round. 


What sort of order number were given initially? Was it a temporary order beginning with the Letter T or an O? 


A confirmed tracking/order reference begins with the letter 5 or 6. Depending on the system we've processed the order in, you may receive an order number ending with the letter A. At which stage did we get up to @Roebuck


If you'd like us to try and find the original order, I'm happy to do so (just so we we're aware of how this has all happened). 


You're welcome to send us a PM with your details. I need your full name, DOB and order number.


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Re: Mobile Phone Plan Approval/Delivery Timeframe


Hi, I made an order for 2 mobile plans and phones Monday night, the guy on the online chat was algood. Come the next day I had a missed call from Optus, so I rung back. They said the order wasnt even put through, then the person I was talking to said he has to run a credit check, that's fine and credit is ok but I only got approved for 1 mobile and plan. So in saying that when will I get notified that the order is processing  or some sort status up date?

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