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Mobile Network State disconnected


I can't seem to make or receive calls.  When I try to make a call, the phone indicates that it is dialling but there is no sound. I went into the Settings of my Samsung Note 4 and I found an entry on the Status page that says :


Mobile network state



Any ideas of how I can reconnect? My Optus app shows that my bills have been paid up to date.


I can still send and receive SMS though.

Re: Mobile Network State disconnected

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Have you tried removing the sim and giving it a quick wipe then installing it again? If that does nothing you can try resetting the network connections.


Edit: I assume you have restarted the phone. Smiley Happy

Re: Mobile Network State disconnected


Hi Yeldarb,


I had already rebooted the phone a couple of times and I had removed the battery and Sim card.  I didn't wipe it though.


Anyway, after I got your message, I changed the network to 3G/2G and the phone worked.  I then changed it back to 4G/3G/2G and it still works.  So thanks a lot for your help. 


Re: Mobile Network State disconnected


Glad you got it to work. Cheers Smiley Happy

Re: Mobile Network State disconnected

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Can be a problem of sim, try to remove it from the rub a little and put it back, if nothing, if you have the opportunity to test it in another mobile or go to the shop to test and eventually change it.




Re: Mobile Network State disconnected


Seeing as this threads seems to get an oddly high number of views each month, I'm just going to include a couple of handy links:


Optus Network outages - How to log your fault online


Check mobile coverage and navigating our Network Status page






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