Re: Mobile Excess Data Usage - Unexplained 8gb used in 3 days??!!

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@Dcwdcw are you able to confirm if the data usage is from downloads or uploads? Typically when I see high Google Photo usage it's due to automatic cloud back ups


In regards to the automatic data top-ups, this will be a feature of your plan. Optus offers Prepaid Plans if you wish to avoid this and only pay for data before using it.

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Re: Mobile Excess Data Usage - Unexplained 8gb used in 3 days??!!


Thanks for your reply.


I have no idea whether it is uploads or downloads, but it only seems to have occurred on the one day and has been OK since I shut down all running apps and restarted the phone. It hasn't happened before in over 18 months of using this phone & Optus, so I assume some rogue app was running in the background. I'm just confused as to why it is identified as Google Photos and Skype when neither app is on the phone.


I'll probably just leave it there as things are back to normal.


As for automatic data top-ups, there ought to be a setting that allows the customer to determine whether Optus should be allowed to supply extra data at additional cost. I would much rather that data be simply shut off if I exhaust the monthly limit than be subject to extra charges that could multiply into a significant cost in an uncontrollable way before I even realise there is a problem. Regulators should ensure that consumers are able to control costs in this way, but as usual are falling down on the job.


As for Pre-Paid, the only reason I am with Optus at all (let alone pre-paid) is that I need it to get the Premier League football. Don't get me started on how that monopolistic practice was ever allowed.


Anyway, thanks again.


Re: Mobile Excess Data Usage - Unexplained 8gb used in 3 days??!!


Hi, I know your original post was posted last year, but did you find a solution to this problem? I've had exactly the same thing happen over the last week. After never having this issue in the past, not having changed any settings on my iphone. I'm stumped :-( Neither Optus or Apple can shed any light and have told me to just turn data off, but it's still happening :-(

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