Mobile Data SIM in Audi Q5 MMI only 3G


I have a new Optus SIM plan that has both voice and data works fine on iphone with both 3G and 4G. When I use the same SIM in the Audi Q5 SIM slot only getting max 3G. Tested another Optus SIM and have the same issue. However other SIMs (eg Telstra) work fine for 4G so it is the interaction of OPtus and the car system.  I have configured the APN as "yesinternet" rather than the default internet but that was required just to get the network going. There isn't a lot of other configuration options available in the Audi MMI. Any suggestions?

Re: Mobile Data SIM in Audi Q5 MMI only 3G


Odd issue as Telstra uses the exact same bands for 4g in Aus as Optus.

Without any actual information on the cellular module itself it would be very hard to troubleshoot.


One thing - calls will go through 3g regardless as you wont get Volte aka Voice over LTE as its nto suported by the carriers.

From little thats available on the system it does calls and voice.


Did read about changing it to use "bonded" phoen for calls - so perhaps connect your phone via bluetooth and select that in the menu instead of calls via the sim?

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Re: Mobile Data SIM in Audi Q5 MMI only 3G


Thanks for taking the time to reply!


I can bond another phone fine, however I bought this SIM specifically for the vehicle as the quality of the telephone is improved with embedded vs bonded and I also wanted to take the load of 4 passenger wifi requirements onto the vehicle WiFi network hence the focus on achieving 4G. 


The APN settings available to me are as follows:


APN: yesinternet

User Name (*)

Password <***********>

Authentication - Secure


Moving from Telstra the only setting I changed was APN: internet to yesinternet as there was no network connection otherwise. Everything else is the same. I have tried different Authentication Options for which there are two only (Secure and Open).


The other avenue I am pursuing is to a device (MMI) software update to see if that randomly changes things, but hoping there might be a way of forcing 4G via a different Access Point but it appears that optus only has one with 'yesinternet'.

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