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New Contributor SamWA
New Contributor

Mobile 4g 500 GB wireless internet on vivid router

Hi I am a new customer previously using vivid wireless capped at 12 mb/s download. 


I have just recently bought a yes optus sim card lured by the prospect of uncapped download and upload speeds and I seem to be getting 20 mb/s down and up. However when I connect my Xbox it reports a "Double Nat".  Firstly I never had this issue with the vivid service and I can't for the life of me figure out how to resolve this changing settings on the router.  Optus support has been hopeless as they say well it's a vivid router you'll have to contact their support. Then vivid say well you have changed to Optus ... Call them.....


Secondly I seem to get much better performance when I plug the sim card into my phone and set it up as a hotspot. This also solves the double Nat problem on the Xbox but I still end up with a "moderate Nat" rather than open. 


Are all my problems resolved if I was to replace my router with the Optus recommend one ??  


Is anyone out there getting good performance gaming .. ie low and stable pings with open Nat ? 


Any advice appreciated. 


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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: Mobile 4g 500 GB wireless internet on vivid router

Regarding double NAT, that is because the Optus mobile service is behind CG-NAT. You don’t get a public IP address hence the double NAT alert. <b>You will be able to get a public IP with Optus.</b> Also changing the router or hot spot will not solve this problem. 


As for speeds, are you using “home mobile broadband” or “Optus mobile broadband”?


It is also possible your speeds are due to the frequencies and what not inside the vivid device. They weren’t sold as “Cat5” devices so they aren’t banding multiple frequencies together to give you a faster speed. 



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Crowd Champion Davelew
Crowd Champion

Re: Mobile 4g 500 GB wireless internet on vivid router


Not sure if or how this will help but a link to a list of compatable devices for Optus mobile broadband:



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New Contributor SamWA
New Contributor

Re: Mobile 4g 500 GB wireless internet on vivid router

Yeah mine is supported, it's the B315. 


Strange that Optus support say they aren't trained on vivid wireless modem/routers yet it's on their list. 

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