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New Contributor Minanew
New Contributor

Mistake to got other service

Hi I got other sim card for my other phone,  and I try to actives today but I made a mistake, I put my old optus number in the new sim card services, then I got message  said I requested  to port out for optus, I didn't want to port out from optus, I try to call optus but didn't get any support  help,  so please tell me how to keep my old number in optus, thanks. 

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Moderator Vicky

Re: Mistake to got other service

Apologies about the delay in getting back to you there @Minanew. Can I get yyou to clarify there - is the new SIM card an Optus-issued one as well? Since this post have you had a chance to chat to someone who was able to look into this for you? If you're still needing a hand with this please chat to us here so we can take a look into that for you.

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