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I have a screenshot of an advertisment in the Optus app of a $40 for 40gb Sim only plan, upon requesting this package I'm told it's an error (I have a screenshot of that too). If I'm not wrong this is against Australian consumer laws, could an Optus employee refer me to policies covering misleading advertisments otherwise I want my Optus $40 plan as advertised.

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Re: Misleading advertisement


Consumer laws are always a bit fuzzy. They seldom set hard fast rules. 


Optus seems to have updated its plans over the last 24 hours. That a few residule ads still exist on the internet / app is probably not enough to get you a deal that's been around for a while but is now expired. If you want to invoke consumer law then there is a process and court of arbitration you can have your say.


Looking at the new pricing its is very interesting. Optus have long priced themselves as a discount Telstra (and its been a damn good deal IMO.) But now the price difference is almost nothing. Optus seem to be saying game on. Be interesting to see how the public responds.


Peter Gillespie

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