Mis Sold Monthly plan with Data Sim


Just to make you aware, as you already know, about sneaky sell tactics at Melbourne Central.


Came to sign up for monthly plan and nice lady said “yes, the plan with this phone is $55. This plan includes extra sim that you can use if you want, but it’s just an extra inside the plan. I just need signature for main SIM and signature for extra sim”


Got welcome pack via email and surprise, surprise! Plan is $45 plus $10


talked to Business support Chat “please talk to us on Monday so we can call Shop to check if you don’t want to pay Cencelation charges $130”


im not gonna have a rant about it, but I guess they will find out soon what I did in last job: Quality Assurance control in sales. 


Thanks Optus for providing truly unforgettable experience for new business customer, 


YES to ombudsman 





Re: Mis Sold Monthly plan with Data Sim


They told you it was a $55 plan and when you got home you got an email saying your plan is $45 + $10 = $55?  Maybe I don't understand the question?

Re: Mis Sold Monthly plan with Data Sim


By chasing KPI  sales people try to sell you 2 products as one. They will make it sound as you having conversation about 1 product (monthly mobile phone plan), but actually they sell 2. 


For this you would get disciplinary action in Europe. That is illegal now and clear mis selling. 



Re: Mis Sold Monthly plan with Data Sim


Yeah I hear what you're saying Romas. 


If you say what you want specifically, which in this case was a mobile phone plan, you should be offered just that. I'm all for up selling, so something like "and for a small extra monthly cost of $10, you can share the included data with another SIM for a tablet or other compatible device" but pitching something as a base price point that actually isn't that at all, I don't like. 

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