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New Contributor PeteMac
New Contributor

Migrated from Virgin.. nothing but issues!

I get an email from Virgin saying they are closing down and would I like to move to Optus. I say, why not? I am seriously regretting my decision!

An absolute litany of poor service and dealing with people who simply have no clue!

1) Set up my service online and then tried to set up my partners, who is on my account at Virgin. That experience took four days to execute since the chat team are utterly clueless! Ended up calling in Australian business hours to avoid overseas call centres!


2) Finally get my partner across after getting through to someone in Australia.


3) Took 3 days to activate my SIM. Had to call and chase!


4) Get first bill and the packages that I requested for my partner are missing. Have to call again to get them added!

5) Set up direct debit as soon as account is active. Two weeks later, I get text messages saying my account is overdue! WHAT?? I had to call again to get this fixed up.


6) Get ANOTHER text message to say my partners account is overdue! I take to twitter and get told my partner is on a separate account! WHAT??? Account gets migrated!

7) It appears no one at Optus has told Virgin as I get an email to say my account is overdue and credit limit has been exceeded!

What I want to know is how can I lodge a formal complaint? I have spent countless hours dealing with utter garbage! What is Optus going to do for me to resolve my grievances and keep me as a customer?


Who do I speak to? I just don't want apology after apology for nothging to happen!


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Migrated from Virgin.. nothing but issues!

Hi @PeteMac, thanks for coming through.


I'm happy to go in and see whether we can work this one out. If the services are on two separate billing accounts, we'll simply put through a consolidation for you. 


It appears no one at Optus has told Virgin as I get an email to say my account is overdue and credit limit has been exceeded!


This sounds odd Smiley Frustrated Does the billing period on the Virgin invoice overlap with the Optus billing period? As soon as a port-out notification is received, the losing provider should automatically cease billing. 


Can you send your account details through to →

I need your full name, DOB and both mobile numbers. 


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New Contributor PeteMac
New Contributor

Re: Migrated from Virgin.. nothing but issues!

Update: Got no joy from Yes Crowd. Lodged a complaint via TIO. Lovely Mel from the complaints resolution team called and was embarassed that I had been through.


Mel looked after me and recognised the time I had spent dealing with the issue.


She also advised that Optus is migrating to a new billing platform, somethimg I wasn’t made aware of previously. If I had of known, I would have been a lot more understanding.

Don’t ne afraid to tell your stakeholders when you’re in a project phase. 

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