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I haven’t subscribed Mooda or Hip tap but it’s still keep coming up through my phone which I had seen that you charged me over $13.98. I did contact you through on 1300 300 937 and you sent me the sms about Bpay Payment and told me to pay the amongst deducted from Mia Sphere Live $13.98 ($115.34 - $13.98 = $101.36). After I got the sms I immediately paid $101.36 straight away, but I have seen on Yes Optus App still shown amount due $13.98 left. The above amount is due on 14 Feb 2018. I’m wondering what does it mean? It means I have to pay more $13.98 which I have never ever been used? Or in case I didn’t pay it you are gonna charge me more for paying the bill late, right???????


I look forward to some prompt action.


Your sincerely,

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I'm a bit confused with that post however you would be best to direct that billing issue to accounts on the live chat link below. I would also ask them about changing your premium services spend amount to zero to stop this from happening again.


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Hi Moongy,


As you suspect you've been scammed (Mooda are not related to Optus). Optus recently shut the scam down on their end (after 20 years) which is why the scammers have now moved to demanding payment via other means (e.g BPay).


For now


1. Ring OPtus and ask them to set your premium sms limit to $0

2. Also request they refute any charges on your bill (you should be recredited shortly)


In the future


1. Send STOP to any SMS

2. Don't bother contacting them directly

3. Regardless of what any SMS says you shouldn't get charged anything (but do keep an eye on your phone bill)




Peter Gillespie

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Nothing to be confused about, WE are being charged without authorizing these charges, its that simple, not confusing!!! Why is Optus allowing these charges on our mobile accounts?? Lets see if you can answer this without confusion or suggesting we click in a link?? I'm very annoyed!!!! 

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Hey, no one likes being scammed but try not to attack the people trying to help.


The chessboard recently changed which is what we're discussing here. If you could detail your situation its probably any recent charges can be reversed. 


That said, Optus management chose profit over the well being of its customers for over a decade now. A bit of outrage seems warranted.  




Peter Gillespie

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I also am not subscribed to mooda & received a charge on my Feb 2018 Optus account. I read in previous chats that this was to be addressed last year re third party.


What happened to that Optus?

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@Timon, we'd need to double check the date that you were actually subscribed to the service.


Current subscriptions


This will not affect one-off purchases such as charity donations, TV voting and TV competitions. The changes will also have no effect on existing subscriptions or new subscriptions set up prior to 31 January 2018.


From what we've seen thus far, customers who've received charges from MIA SPHERE were subscribed prior to the 31/01/18.


Can you send us a PM with your account details? We need your full name, DOB and mobile number.


We'll take a look.



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