I have 2 days left on a 7 day 10 dollar mobile phone sim and I sent a message but it would not let me saying that I don't have credit and I will have to recharge. Why would that happen and could you tell me how to fix it please.

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send "bal" to 9999

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Hello @Fank12, 


Did you follow the above advice and send BAL to 9999? It's possible you have less credit left than you think. If you're on the My Prepaid Daily offer, there are some things that aren't included in your plan and as such, they will be deducted from your credit (reducing your overall balance). For example, international usage will be deducted separately. Also, if you've used more data than allowed in any single day, a further $2 would be deducted and another 524 MB applied. 


If you're still unsure, we recommend sending a message to our Live Chat team via the My Optus App. If you're unable to use the App for some reason, Live Chat may be reached via this link → on a computer.

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