Merged account still attracting excess data charges



I recently went to a store to merge my wife's account into mine so we could share my data. But since then she is still attracting excess data charges. I have contacted Click to Chat but they dont seem to have a clue. They have credited back the excess charges from March, and said they would put a note on the account so it doesnt happen again. Then today, my wife has gone through her allowance again, despite the fact that I have 50GB of data left, and attracted another $10 charge. Surely this isnt left to 'a note on the account'? There must be something in the set up thats not wrong -  I've contacted Optus 4 times now and still the same issue. 


Has anyone else experienced this? Its bizarre that they dont know how to handle basic stuff like this





Re: Merged account still attracting excess data charges

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Hmm I thought the services had to be in the one name and on the same bill for data sharing. Did they mention anything about that? Definitely hit them up again for a refund if you haven't used all your data. 


They also have to be on eligible data share plans.

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