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New Contributor AK0845
New Contributor

Merge my two accounts

I have requested to merge my two separate mobile accounts that both are under my name. However, it has been more than 6 weeks now and nothing happened. I have used the live chat so I captured the screenshot of the chat conversation as a proof. I have talked about this twice on a live chat but, nothing has happened yet. I do not understand why it takes too long, differing from the staffs saying it would only take 2-3 weeks time frame. I don't believe in live chat or the phonecall anymore. I prefer email that can be left as a proof but no email contacts can be found on website. Now where should I go to make my two accounts to be consolidated for sure? Anyone has the same experience and solved the problem please help me out. Thank you.

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RetiredModerator Shauna

Re: Merge my two accounts

Hey @AK0845 - shouldn't take 6 weeks. Sorry you're having to constantly chase this up. Can you please PM me with your account number, full name and DOB? Happy to take a look. Shauna

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