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Maximum Length for a Single Text Message



I understand that single Text Messages have a maximum character limit of 160 characters.


However, modern phones and networks can contenate a number of them to send as one combined text message, although you're paying a SMS charge for each 160 characters.


I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and am on an Optus plan.


I've found conflicting info saying that either 1600 or 918 is the maximum character limit of a concatenated and rebuilt message.


Can someone please confirm which of these is correct or what is the correct value.


P.S. I understand that spaces are included as characters.

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Re: Maximum Length for a Single Text Message

why not do a quick test and smash in some texts and see where it ends?


for me on an Xiaomi mi5s the limit is 8 x 160 =1280 characterrs, then the message automatically converts into a MMS.

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