Mate 10 Pro android update


When is the next update coming?? My friend has the mate 9 on optus that's running the latest android system, he received the updated version months ago

Re: Mate 10 Pro android update



VoWifi enabled, Huawei GPU turbo + Face unlock feature added.

Minor update – MMS not working over VoWiFi in flight mode & XCAP not working.

Status: testing

Estimated release: Mid-late September

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Re: Mate 10 Pro android update


Competitor Vodafone are in testing phase for their Mate 10 upgrade to Android 9.0.


Also... Vodafone update their list weekly but Optus... fortnightly.


What's Optus doing about the move of the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro customer handsets to Android 9.0 @Dan_C or anyone else who knows given Vodafone are doing it for their customers?

Re: Mate 10 Pro android update


I've checked Voda's device testing page.

They've noted Android 9.0 <Testing Scheduled> .

It doesn't give a real indication as to when their customers can expect to receive the update. 


My team usually receive notice a month before the expected rollout of the new firmware update. 


We have a new device testing report due tomorrow. I'll be sure to relay any new updates via our Android Software update blog.


If I've received several questions about a particular update, I'll always leave a comment on the blog, rather than wait until the following week to publish a new blog. 


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Re: Mate 10 Pro android update


I have the upgraded to Android 9 and would recommend waiting a bit longer. I have issues with video playback, where the video freezes about 2 seconds into playing. The constant privacy notification when I launch apps or services about sharing information to Hong Kong is concerning given all the press about the company at the moment. If you ok with that, the OS is great from Google.

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