Massive 4G speed drop


All mobiles and 4G mobile broadband have been fine for years at home (10-30mbs), but over the past 3ish weeks speeds have dropped massively (multiple speed tests range from 0.1-1.3mbs).

checked the network status page, saw maintenance on the tower I’m assuming I connect to. I thought yeah no worries, I’ll wait it out. The timeframe indicated for maintenance finally ceased but the issue continues.

cellular info on all the phones (and the 4g router) indicate signal strength between -96dbm to around -110dbm (RSRP not RSSI)


Online chat support was not helpful at all, indicating I’m in a ‘no coverage area’, which the coverage map directly contradicts (good indoor/great outdoor)


Any help would be greatly appreciated 

Re: Massive 4G speed drop


Re: Massive 4G speed drop


Hey @Raheeco - Thanks for all the information.


Can you please send me a private message confirming your full address so we can take a further look? 

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Re: Massive 4G speed drop




C'mon guys, this is obviously not even close to being adequate.

Seeing as I usually got in the 20Mbs down, and this is occuring else where in baldivis (Re: above link to thread), exact same symptoms, the only commonality is the optus infrastructure we connect to.




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