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MMS works on 4G, not 3G


I have a rather old handset that is 3G only. With the previous sim (from another supplier that used Optus as carrier) MMS worked fine.  Now with new Optus sim, everything works except MMS.


I've been through all the basic trouble shooting with via online chat. Nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary so the issue was to be escalated and I was told someone from the escalated team would contact me within 24hrs. That was a week ago and no contact so far ...


I have tried the sim in two other 4G handsets and the MMS is fine. It just doesn't work in the 3G handset (which did work with previous sim card).


Any ideas?

Re: MMS works on 4G, not 3G


Hi @cvegas - are you having trouble both sending and receiving MMS? Do you have a fault reference number from Tech Support that we can take a look into for you? 




Re: MMS works on 4G, not 3G


Yes the MMS problem is in both directions.


I wasn't given a reference number during the live chat support and even though I requested an email transcript, it never arrrived so I can't look it up. If it's any help, the chat session was on Friday 21st September and the support person's name was Brandon.





Re: MMS works on 4G, not 3G


Thanks @cvegas,


Could you please PM through your mobile account details as below:


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And we'll check out the notes further for you - Marie 

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