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MIA Sphere live unauthorised transactions

I started to be charged a weekly fee of 9.99 for MIA Sphere Live who I have a) NEVER heard of in my life and b) have no idea what these 'services' I should be receiving are for. I did NOT approve or authorise these services or fees on my account. I have contacted the company and requested a refund. If I do not receive a refund for the weekly charges since November I will go to the Ombudsman as this is a SCAM and ILLEGAL. Optus should not be engaging in this type of activity. Also, this has been raised on this website since is it STILL occurring Optus? How do you allow it to continue? It is clearly a scam impacting your loyal customers who are hardworking and unsuspecting Australians yet you sit back and do nothing. I am monitoring this closely and will expect a refund or will go to ACCC and the Telco ombudsman and request not only a refund but an immediate cancellation of my services with Optus. I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years. 

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New Contributor

Re: MIA Sphere live unauthorised transactions

ive got two of these on my current bill. i expect a full refund for this and please explain how this happened

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