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MIA Sphere Scam

Why is Optus complicit in the scammimng of 1000's of its customers by MIA Sphere.

This scam has been running since at least Jan 2016 and people are complaining about it and nothing has been done.

Many of the complaints here have been marked as resolved but the issue has not been resolved, it is still happening.

I was advised that Optus was 'looking into it'.

How many years do you need to look into something that is obviously a complete scam before anything is done about it?

I am 'looking into' winning the lottery this year, will let you know how that goes.

How much bad publicity do we need to create to make Optus actually do something?

Would be very keen to know how much money Optus is making out of this scam?

A huge thank you to Tano (the moderater) who took the time to send me a link with big words such as 'proactive', 'taking steps' and 'block third party providers'. You have had nearly three years to do something and you are just now deciding to be proactive. How about just stopping it!

If anyone out there has any ideas on how we can get this issue into the media to expose Optus and what it really thinks about its customers, please contact me.

Optus, we say YES to scammers!

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Respected Contributor

Re: MIA Sphere Scam

So this launched last month.


You have always been able to set the spend limit for these to $0