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How can Optus allow a third party scam artist to bill me through my Optus account when I haven't authorised this?

I haven't signed up to anything or opted into any subscriptions so this MIA Sphere Live is obviously a scam. The only thing I can think of  is a competition I entered and my mobile number was obtained from that. Poor form Optus for allowing scam artists to get away with this. 

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Does anyone know how I can get a refund??

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There have been many complaints about MIA Sphere and subsequently it has its own thread. Have a look at the link below.


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Hey Pandasaurus,


If you'd like to PM through your full name, mobile number and date of birth we can dispute your charges with the provider as well as set a $0 limit on your account.


It can take up to two business days for the provider to contact you once we dispute the charges.

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I lead a hectic life and am guilty of not always reading all details. My bill comes via email, I pay it when I can and I move on. 

I have 5 contracted services, all on the one bill and my usual spend is $460ish per month. 


3 weeks ago, I noticed my bill was much higher than usual so I decided to read thru in it's entirety. It was only then, that I spotted those 2 little words ' content charges' . They're very cleverly placed between a bright yellow line above and a heap of bolded text below, both drawing your attention away from the smaller text. I decided to back track a bit and checked earlier bills only to discover that those dreaded words were on all my bills dating back to February 2015.

I'd been shafted for over $1K and had never noticed. 

I jumped straight on to live chat, only to be fobbed off and told to call a helpdesk to sort it out. So I called the numbers. The first went unanswered and the second was answered by a lady with a very strong accent and a baby screaming in the background. I asked if she needed to attend to the child, and she hung up. 

Over the course of the next 2 weeks, I had a further 4 live chats, 2 phone calls and a visit to my local store.

The live chats and phone calls promised me the world and delivered an abundance of nothing.... Each time I was told I'd receice a return call within 2 days. 

I'd read thru these threads with little hope of every receiving any resolution. 

Last Monday, I thought I'd give it one last go. So I logged onto live chat again to try and make sense of this and see if Optus had resolved the matter only to be told that I'd used the service, the third party had charged me and to take it up with them....


I then decided to open another browser tab and googled to find a link to the TIO.

I logged the complaint Monday 5/9, an Optus rep called me Wednesday 7/9 and the entire matter was resolved with FULL CREDIT to my Optus account by Thursday 8/9


So my lessons learnt.... read my bills thoroughly (need to find more time in my already hectic day)

Don't waste time speaking the live chat reps who will do everything they can to buck pass.

Use the service of an industry ombudsman where you can and BE PERSISTANT !!!!!


This is a very lucrative money making scam for those involved and there must be 1000's of busy people just like you and me that just pay their bills without giving them another thought,




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Hi CB75

Thank you for taking the time to post your experiences. You already had your money credited back, but made the effort to let others know about the scam and how you managed to have success through the TIO.

I am yet to go to the TIO, as I imagined it was going to involve a lot of writing complaints and be quite time consuming (I was waiting for a spare moment!) Considering what you have just said however, I will go to that web page today and fill out that form.



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great post          



you beat me to the punch by one minute.

i should have come in for morning tea earlier

i love saying i told you so, so "i told you so"

TIO is the easy way to get results.



welcome to the forum.

thanks very much for adding your own experience to this thread.

people seem hesitant to ask for non Optus help. i dont get it?


my heart goes out to people that think they are saving themselves $2 a month by letting Optus direct debit their account without checking their bills only to turn around one day and find what you did.

$50 extra over two years to Bpay, ill keep my bank details to myself thanks.


if 'Optus support' provided support we wouldnt need to go elsewhere for help.

seems simple enough to understand to me.



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Registering the complaint with the TIO is a simple webform that took me no more than 5 minutes to complete. Keep it clear, concise and factual. Be armed with your account information and what the exact nature of the problem is. 

I've been an OPTUS customer for a very long time and spend thousands each year keeping my family and I connected. 

I was hesitant to involve the TIO but it quickly became evident that their input was necessary as OPTUS we only interested in passing the buck to these shonky third party operators. 

I'm disappointed that OPTUS allows them access to their customers though.....

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Thanks for taking the time to reply and help me out with this everyone! Smiley Happy

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No worries at all @Pandasaurus! Have replied to your PM Smiley Happy

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