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I have received an extra amount of $25 on my Optus bill.  Rang them and was told it was from 'Mia Sphere'.  Like many here I have no idea why. The only thing I subscribed to recently was 'Competitions Guide'.  I have sinced unsubscribed as I've suddenly become very distrustful.  No small wonder!   Optus has kindly offered to refund the $25 and block any 3rd party subscriptions.  They have also given me the phone number to Mia sphere so I can learn who billed me.  So far on hold for 28 minutes and counting.  I am doing other things while I hold so I will continue to hold to see what happens.  The number Optus gave me is 1300 724 406.  When you ring it, there is no introduction as to who the business is, so I could be calling anyone.  I am determined to get to the bottom of this though!

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So after 33 minute on hold to Mias phere they hung up on me.  I will ring again!

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I was also charged very mysteriously by Oznfun. Since I never click on pop ups and am disinterested in the gossip style links I am truly at a loss. I did enter one competition but it was through a Tv show. Optus advised they will refund the amount and block any 3rd party charges in future. Very good of them & gave me some relief.

I didn't even know a 3rd party could take money from me without my consent! Still I will take this to the ACCC. Where is the legal opt out clause etc? I have had no texts like some have had which would have alerted me - only a charge on my bill - for what I have no idea.  I thought I was careful. Now I will need to be overly scrupulous and suspicious of all pop ups.  Sometimes I press the X and it takes you through anyway. 

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It is obviously a bit sneaky because I didn't even realise I had clicked on such a thing & I'm very careful. I wonder about the legal obligations such as opting out and cooling off. I didn't receive a single text and only found out when I was billed a mystery charge.

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It is all very sketchy. When I called MIA to get my money refunded I asked about the specifics of how you sign up. They said that you click a check box with a disclaimer and enter your mobile number and details. I hardly think this is actually the case because my wife didn't do any of the above.

I tried submitting a complaint through the telecommunications ombudsman but their response was as the money had been refunded there was nothing they could do about helping people in future. I may be paraphrasing but that is how it came across.

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Optus you are a party to the scam by MIA or others.

I am not staying with you any longer.

And i am not going to pay the last bill till i get the refund for extras charged since day one.

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Yes there are many more like us my friend.


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Dear friends,


I do not normally reviewing my Optus bills until recently.

Outraged to find out that Optus have charged me $36.32 (billed for Mar 17 - Apr 17) AND 

$45.40 (billed for Apr 17 - May 17) for content services, supplier MIA Sphere Live, which I have not KNOWN or HEARD about.


Optus, please LIFT your game OR you WILL lose me as a customer.


NOT HAPPY customer.

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Hi EdiwnT, 


If you send us a private message confirming your phone/ account number, full name and date of birth, we'll take a look at what we can do to help you out! 

I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community. This guide explains how everything works on here and you should also check out our Community Guidelines.

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Pink tube MIA Sphere live


I've just found 5 charges on my account 

im not happy as I do not recall these

also I'm not happy that pop ups have access through Optus to charge when I have noticed these pop ups suddenly want phone numbers or money I'm cancelling but clearly they are still going through you to charge

ive heard premium SMS can block these please do so

i know Telstra have the same issue but I'm keeping an eye on my contract as I'm considering changing 

this is the second time it's happened 


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