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hungama just subscribed me today.


Optus live chat links do not work ...have tried three computers, three web browsers and phone. Went in-store to be told to call live-chat. What a nightmare.

If optus know of this and allow it...WTF?


How now can I resolve this if in-store attendants just stand drooling at you mumbling "live chat" ...and the live chat links do not work?

I smell a new supplier on the horizon. This is despicable.


Re: barring premium sms


P.S. ...the instructions you provide are outdated.


"How to Check Content Usage & Manage Your Spend Limit" - there is no service button in the Optus app.

Re: MIA Sphere LIve


Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated.

Re: barring premium sms


Ring Tech Support (if you can get through) they are (so far for me) far, reasonable and understanding get them to put a block on all premium services and ask for a payback.


Had it happen to me again after I recontracted just a few days ago, I have just a modem  and since the last contract they moved to a new system so gave me a new account number and service number. The old number had a block in place after it happened first time. It seems to happen in the first month of signing up just as it did this time. The trick is to catch it as soon as it happens and deal with it ASAP.

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My wife got the same additional changes for this MIA Sphere service.


My recommendation - Ignore the alleged helpline number shown on your bill, when I tried calling that I was directed to call another number and upon calling that it directed me to call the same number again. A fairly simple Google search for "MIA Sphere" gave me the address and phone for the company that provides the service.


Contact details for MIA are (I don't believe this is against the guidlines for the YesCrowd forums as the information is publicly available):

Level 2
221 Miller Street
North Sydney, NSW 2060


PH: 61 2 9925 8888


When I called it was picked up fairly promptly, and the person I spoke to assures me that the charges will be reimbursed in the next months bill. I'm hopeful that they have done what they said they have, but if there is no reverse of the charges I'll certainly be following this with Optus and TIO. 

Hope this is useful to someone out there...  Smiley Happy



Re: BILLING. MIA Sphere Live

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Hi I have just received 3 billings for MIA sphere on my phone account.


My mobile is *moderated*. It is the name of *moderated*. account number *moderated*


My name is *moderated* DOB *moderated*


address is *moderated*


pls credit this back and i can not understand how you have a scam company using the network.

Re: BILLING. MIA Sphere Live


Hey @petergogreen, I've modified your comment to hide your personal information. I've also checked your account and can see this has since been organised for you. Please send me a private message if you need further assistance and I will follow up.

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Re: MIA sphere live scam


Hey Mike,


I am having the same issues and having trouble getting through to someone on the online chat. can you please help? I have Pm’d you my details,



Re: How do I get a refund from being scammed by this Optus Gamesaine 2 and Prizesaint? What are they


Hey I had the same problem and I need urgent action from OPTUS

Re: Mooda MIA Sphere Live


Thanks Mal! I just had the same nasty surprise on my bill and called the number you suggested. Same experience as you. Hopefully the refund arrives next month as promised.


I can’t believe this is legal and Optus hasn’t permanently blocked the company already!

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