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I had no problem in getting a refund, most probably because the mobile number phished by Mia Sphere was my mobile data modem number. If it had been my phone number I would have advised Optus to refund the unauthorised charge. Just like a credit card transaction the biller, Optus, must reverse the charge to the third party & require proof of authorisation by you. The sooner the ACCC and the Telcos sort this out the better.


As for blocking Premium SMS, Optus doesn't make it easy. I could not find a way via My Optus App.

If you go to "My Account" on a computer, log in, Then: > Your Services >Settings >Premium SMS Spend Control >Setup > Follow link in subscreen then set spend to "0" zero, then press "Submit". This is supposed to prevent charged messages, free messages will still come through - reply at your peril! Good Luck All.

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Really sorry you've all been signed up for services you've not requested Smiley Sad In terms of Premium SMS, these companies are external to Optus and any refunds would need to be processed by them directly. We can aid you via YesCrowd via this thread; or if you're having issues accessing My Account we can do it manually by speaking to our customer service teams on 133 937 or via Live chat in the Optus App or the link here on PC. Although the content provider should be offering the refunds to customers who have been charged, in some cases we realise that it can be difficult getting in contact with them. In these cases, our customer service teams can raise the dispute for you with the content provider directly. At that stage, they'll normally be in contact within 2 business days to resolve it with you.

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With all due respect  Shae, I find it very disappointing that the  telcos ( who make BILLIONS of dollars off of their customers each year) treat yo7ur customers like this in regards to this problem. The Telcos trust the third party providers like MIA Sphere Live over their own customers.  Here are two reasons that I think that Optus has an obligation to take a more proactive approach to fixing this problem. 


1. MIA Sphere Live does not suspended phone service if your customers refuse to pay for their service. 

It is Optus who suspends the service. It is also Optus who charges late fees for not paying for a third party service. 


2. MIA Sphere Live does not report your customers to credit reporting agencys for nonpayment. 

It is Optus who does this reporting and it is Optus who chases their customers for this money. 


MIA Sphere Live has found a loophole in the Telcos system and they have been exploiting this loophole for years. 


I shudder to think about how many people have been charged for a service that they have never used and MIA Sphere Live has gotten away with it.


 The people who have posted comments here represent a small minority of customers who only use their phones as phones, so these sorts of charges stick out like a dandelion in a golf green. 


I don't want you to think that I only hold Optus responsible for this problem. Telstra and Vodafone take the same stance when it comes to MIA Sphere Live fleecing their customers as well.  


I think that Optus has a golden opportunity to set yourselves apart from your competition and take this problem more seriously. Share some of these comments with your management and raise the issue that maybe Optus needs to represent your customers better.  Spend some of the Billions to fix this problem either by closing the loopholes or by refusing to support MIA Sphere Live over your own customers. 


Sorry for the long reply, I feel very strongly about this problem because all the Telcos are looking out for MIA Sphere Live who are doing the dodgy on your customers. 

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I definitely understand where you're coming from @Luk. Given I've been in a similar situation as people in this thread, I'm pretty sympathetic and can understand that people may have signed up without understanding how they've been signed up. Unfortunately, as it's an external company charging something on the bill, our current policy is that you'd need to contact that company directly in order to have the charges waived.

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Hi All and also Shae the moderator.

I must preface this post by saying that I have always received excellent service from Optus, both in store and online. The area of Premium SMS & content services was unknown to me until a few days ago. Seeing the number of posts from disaffected customers is perturbing and concerning, as is the response from Shae of behalf of Optus, with no differentation between (1) A dispute of charges from an agreed, genuine, properly executed subscription provider and that of (2) Charges from a fraudulent source, including spam related and signing -up via deception, outside the law.

It may assist everyone, indeed essential, to go to: and/or where there is a vast amount of information, including opt-in & opt-out requirements. Also advice and contact details for reporting to: The Telecommunications Ombudsman & The Australian Communications & Media Authority.

May I suggest that if you believe you have been charged for services you did not sign up for, or were fraudulently processed, or obtained via spam. (see the websites above). Open a live chat with Optus and advise them accordingly & ask for a refund, in your first post. At the conclusion of the chat, print out the hard copy and retain in case you need to proceed further. (as advised by AMTA).

I sincerely hope this information/post will assist all. 



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After reading these comments and the reply from the moderator I am annoyed.

It is 2am and I just received a stupid message saying;

FreeMsg: Welcome to Harvest Frenzy subscription costs $1.99/month on your mobile. Opt-out send STOP to 19789100 HELP 1800224249

I have not replied and have immediately logged into my Optus Account and checked some threads about this. I am not replying STOP because I didn't sign up or START anything. I have changed my premium spend to $0 but my premium credit still says $200.

I have been with Optus for 11 years and have never spent anything on premium content. I also checked on an OPTUS account page that I have already been charged $1.99.

So moderator, to tell us that OPTUS cannot do anything is misleading and I suggest the general public all call the ACCC and the Telecommunications Ombudsman about this. If you have no control and cannot stop or refund these things then why will I receive a bill from OPTUS with your damn company logo on it asking me for the money.

As far as I'm concerned you either refund those affected or be fined by the Australian Government.

I just rang your technical service (I am not waiting until 8am, how many more charges might I get between now and then), and they told me to ring back at 8am and nothing they can do.

Shame on you Optus. If this isn't refunded when I call in the morning I will be making calls to the ACCC and Ombudsman and cancelling my contract with Optus and not giving you another cent.

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Hi All,

I thought, from my point this had been concluded, but NO.

Again I have been charged for premium services I have no knowledge of. Optus have resolved my problem - seemingly reluctantly, after another 30 minutes Live Chat!

These are the salient points and a WARNING.

The charge on the account was from MobiStore. This is not a registered Australian Business Name or company except for similar in WA which is a storage company. (ASIC search) MobiStore is an App from itunes which is Mobi Systems, which is a USA company and seems genuine.

Mia Sphere seems to be somehow related via MobiStore.


The charge I had was on my mobile data only sim card, moble number for my modem. NOT my phone. How you can receive and apparently sign up for premium services via such is beyond me. According to my recent chat it can. Also can for a tablet data sim mobile numbers and dongles. So if you have these services please note: You cannot via My Account setup Premium Services Spend limits even to 0 zero. Such an option doesn't exist. Seems a contradiction to me. So you have to ask Optus to block those numbers.

Hope this is informative and helpful. Good luck and regards to all.







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Just got my bill from optus and there are two charges on there for Hip Tap   MIA Sphere.  We have not athorised anything and I will be ringing Optus for  a refund.  I cant believe they can just start charging your account.  We received a SMS stating if you want to opt out send Stop, I didnt send anything as I hadnt opted into anything so why would I opt out, thought it was a scam once you texted them so didnt reply and now two charges.  This is a joke and judging by all comments once I googled it has been going on since 2014.  Why havent the telephone companies blocked these idiots.


Not Happy Jan

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Hey @BLD1000 can you shoot me your mobile number, full name and DOB in a PM? Generally speaking these charges are opted in when an ad banner has been clicked and it pops up advising you can subscribe and pay through your Optus service. I get where you're coming from and I can help out. 

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hey mate, i have been scammed too...just realised that when i saw my bill..what a mess

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