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I can honestly say I have never entered my mobile details or any info into Oznfun.  I am not interested in any of this sort of stuff.  I find it strange that Oznfun charged me through Miasphere, then through Optus.  3 parties involved ???  Very odd and very dodgy.

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I have trusted Optus and set up direct debit to pay my monthly bill. Didn't know that I have been charged by MIA Sphere Live for 5 times...


Viobuzzy 2 - 4 June $9.99

Viobuzzy 2 - 11 June $9.99

Viobuzzy 2 - 18 June $9.99

Viozbuzzy 2 -25 June $9.89

Smart World - 16 April $7


Optus should have barred auto subscription. It should be only unbarred by customer by calling Optus to activate  the auto subscription. 


I'm a bit dissapointed to set up direct debit to pay my bill. I have cancelled the direct debit to avoid future unknown charges being added to my bill.


I don't wish to pay $40 that incurred in June.


Please help.




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Hi Winnie1,

Here's what I did about that scam:


1. Contact Optus (via phone or live chat) and make a complaint about that. Request a complaint reference number and keep it handy. In my case they promised to refund everything within 48h that expire today;

2. An Optus representative may offer you to call 1300 bla bla, but don't waste your time. First of all, you've got a contract with Optus, not with those scammers and second, there's no one on that phone. If you want, you can call directly to the MIA office by +61.2 9925 8888. Tell them you want full refund and unsubscribe. They may give you another 1300 bla bla, because "it's not us charging you, but content provider", but it's just another piece of bs. There's no one on that number either.

3. An arrogant young man may call you soon after that, don't give him any of your personal details except your mobile number. He'll insist it's all your fault and they have proofs they you subscribed willingly and intentionally. Keep insisting on full refund. Tell him that you're already lodged a complaint with TIO (Telecommunication industry ombudsmen) (you can lodge it for real if you want to, you'll need the complaint reference from the step #1) and he'll be sued, sentenced and rot in jail. He'll eventually agree to issue full refund.

4. Keep bugging Optus directly and they'll issue full refund (just like they did to me)

5. Pat yourself on the back and have a beer. 

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Morning (again),


After I posted this message I chatted to a bloke from Optus who said he was going to get these charges refunded from my account. I told him I was not going to pay for them because I didn't know what they were and he couldn't tell me who "Mia Sphere Live" are or what the content is that I have supposedly accessed. I am now getting messages from Optus that my account is overdue ($27 + the extra GST charged for this crap) and you are intending to restrict my service. So once again, I will not be paying for this scam and I will not be paying the late fees you are now trying to charge me. I have paid for the service you provided. If there are issues maybe you should void the contract with "Mia Sphere Live" that allows them to access your billing system and scam people out o money.  


This is beyond a joke. 



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Ive also just had this problem with getting billed for MIA Sphere Live charges that weren't used or authorised. Can someone assist me with getting these charges reversed and blocked for the future?




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Hi Wayne64, just follow the instruction I posted above. I know how frustrating it is, but shouldn't take too long to get refunded

How do I get a refund from being scammed by this Optus Gamesaine 2 and Prizesaint? What are they ?


Hello Optus,

My name is Benny and I am a father of three very young children. Recently I have been receiving some sort of SPAM texts to my mobile phone from some what I have now found out to be a content provider, called MIA Sphere, Gamesaine 2 & Prizesaine which do Triva things I have been told.

Firstly I have never subscribed to anythng like this and I don't play games on mobile phone or do Triva etc. Our famly struggles to pay rent and buy nappies and pay daycare each moth and we have been scammed through our bill for $110.0-0 AUD. I have called Optus and they can;t refund us an dno one can tell us when and how these services were put "illegally", on my account.

I want a refund Optus as the companies I called MIA Sphere, Digital Turbine and Gamesainew on 1300 998 509 and Prizesaint on 1300 858 056 don;t ever answer?

Optus if you do business with them surely you must have ABN numbers for them?

OPTUS WHY ARE YOU ALLOWING YOUR CUSOTMERS TO BE SCAMMED BY THESE UNSCRUPULOUS CRIMINALS.  Optus our family struggles month to month and  we can't afford to be robbed of $110. That's the money to buy the milk for our little baby you have taken from our fmaily.



Re: How do I get a refund from being scammed by this Optus Gamesaine 2 and Prizesaint? What are they


Hi Benny,

i feel your pain. 

It is more than a shame for Optus involvement in this scam. They knowingly allow these unscrupulous companies to bill their customers for services not approved. 

Then claim no responsibility and offer no way to resolve this other than tell you to contact these hidden companies for refund. 

This is a scam, and Optus are co-conspirators. 

I will fight this till it's rectified. 


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The MIA Sphere help desk informed me the service

providers pay Optus for this access. 

Optus are co-conspirators to this scam by allowing this to happen and by providing these companies your phone details to bill you without your expressed approval. 

Re: MIA Sphere Live


Please include me in your public crusade against Optus. 

Im making this my sole task to resolve 

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