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MIA Sphere Live


Just receving my bill and have a review of it, found that I have charged from "MIA Sphere Live" on my account for last month and this month too. But I really don't know what they are for? Can I have these refunded? 

waiting for your promt response

barring premium sms


Hi all, is there a way to stop premium sms completely? cheers!

Re: barring premium sms


Re: barring premium sms


Yeldarb is correct wabbalee. Specifically the section that says "setting a premium SMS spend limit." If you set it to $0, you aren't able to be charged for premium SMS. You can still be charged for optional purchases from the play/app store depending on how you've requested to be billed.

Re: barring premium sms


Ok, thank you, i dont use the app store, i havent a clue what you mean really.. and my bill is prepaid, if that makes a difference,,?

Re: barring premium sms


Hey Ron - I've got your info still. I'll make sure Premium access is barred & confirm via PM tomorrow if you like? Smiley Happy

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MIA Sphere Live


Anybody else had a charge appear on their mobile account for a third party subscription called Mia Sphere Live?  Optus have now blocked it, however there doesn't seem to be any way to contact these people for refunds.

Re: MIA Sphere Live


Just found out this is some sort of scam and appears as a weekly charge on your bill with a service name Topikoo. Can be activated by simply entering contests, clicking on links in Facebook etc.  If you receive an SMS, reply STOP immediately but it is likely you will have already been charged a 6.27 fee.  


It is a service which most if not all carriers in Australia do offer, however you can opt out of it, they are treated like premium SMS. Problem with mine was it was activated on a tablet with a data share sim so I never received an SMS. Set your Premium SMS allowance to zero to stop them charging and call Optus immediately to lodge complaint.

Managed to pull these contact details from the big T forums.  Apparently they don't take too kindly to giving refunds.

1300 724 406

Other advice is to contact ACCC, they are apparently investigating.

Re: MIA Sphere Live


I hate these scams. Your advice is spot on though. Bar premium SMS always unless you specifically want to use it for some reason.

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Re: MIA Sphere Live


Do not beleive anything Optus tells you.

This is a scam Optus is supporting. They could turn it off but refuse to.

Optus collects money from their customers and pays it to the scammers.


Shame on Optus. At $6.37 per hit how many millions are being fleeced from Optus cusomers every month .. with the support of Optus?


.. and you have to call Optus directly to have it barred.



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