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well the good news is it has been done for everyone now, at least to a degree. As of the end of Jan I believe, if you didn't have an existing "subscription" to these services, they could no longer sign you up to it. Given you're getting 4 months refund it would mean you had an active subscription (not saying you ever asked for it) meaning you weren't part of the group to no longer need to worry about them. 

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MIA Sphere, unknown charge how do i get rid of it



I have an unknown charge of $14.90 from MIA Sphere Live, apparently I clicked on one of their ad's twice and that's how I was charged! I can't get rid of it by phoning the number on the bill they say it's  optus who need to do it, Optus say I need to pay it.

It's a scam why do Optus allow charges from companies like this.

Is there anything I can do?  Optus just keep sending me messages about payment.

Any suggestions?



Re: MIA Sphere, unknown charge how do i get rid of it


Turn off premium SMS and message your DOB and details to a random moderator.


Optus have supposedly stopped being involved with a short list of scammers, but it's becomming obvious why they wont disclose who they are.

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HELLLPPP!!! Recieved bill and went up $15. We don't use anywhere near all our data so looked thru pdf. And this MIA thing was there. How did this happen and what do we do!!! Never happened with our Telstra Bills

Re: MIA Sphere, unknown charge how do i get rid of it


Hey Mwils, shoot me a PM when you get a chance with your full name, DOB, and account/service number and we can check it out.

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Hey KJ85, we'll look into this for you and get it fixed up. Just shoot me a private message with your full name, DOB, and account/service number when you get a chance. 

Re: MIA Sphere, unknown charge how do i get rid of it




Thanks so much I've sent a PM Smiley Happy


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Dear Optus, this MIA sphere scam is ridiculous, and what is more prevelant is that you are abeting the continuation of this scam without any recourse or accountability. I have received the same scam fees from this MIA sphere for a couple of months now and yes have put a stop to Premium content. But getting these fees credited is another story. I have been credited $60 from optus. The total scam was for $297. The amount of complaints on this forum and your offer of a refund, acklowledges you recognise the fraudulent activity but fail in your corporate duty to stop these fraudulent charges. Very Very Poor. I expect a full credit unless you can provide the documentation of where i have signed up for this subscription, which is non existent because i have never signed up.

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Hi @Tim_01, if you can send through a private message with your account details, we can certainly take a look into this for you. We'll need your full name, DOB and mobile number.

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I have just been charged yet AGAIN by MIA SPHERE., every second month now! It seems each time i call and get them to "unsubscribe me" (even though I did not subscribe) they take me off only to charge me again the very next month. This is ridiculous Optus, this never happened to me with other carriers.... And I have to say it will be the reason I will not renew with you again. It is such a rort! I have never subscribed to this. PLease ensure MIA SPHERE are blocked from my phone. Reading through all the complains I cannot believe that after all this time you allow it it continue. Why is it that we, the customer, have to make measures to put a stop to this? 

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