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I have charges for MIA Sphere Live and I dont have idea what it is; I want to remove it



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I too have a charge from Mia sphere. I'v been trying to access live chat now for an hour but no luck. Feel like I'm going around in circles! I just want to know that this charge will be disputed/refunded. I've changed my settings now......I think, to disable premiun sms.

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We can check it out Mcggem, just shoot me a PM with your account details when you get a chance. 

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It's a scam.


Contact Optus and ask them to set your premium SMS limit to 0. Then ask them to refute any such charges on your bill. Some c's will day you have to do this but it is optus  job. You should get the money recredited in a few days. Unfortunately getting past bills recredited is much harder.


Note you will be on a subscription so normally you need to send STOP to a phone sms. 




Peter Gillespie

MIA Sphere Live


Hi, I have recently just noticed on my bill that i have been charged $15 for the MIA Sphere Live.

I have no recollection of signing up to anything. Is this some kind of scam. How to i remove this from my bill.


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It's a scam (well known if you do a search).


You should have got a SMS about a subscription? SMS back STOP to the number (nothing else)


Contact Optus and ask them to set your premium SMS limit to $0.


Then ask them to refute any such charges on your bill. Some customer service people will tell you that you have to do this but it is Optus' job.


You should get the money recredited in a few days. 




Peter Gillespie


PS Apparently Optus has banned Mia Sphere Live yet they do seem to keep popping up on bills. Optus?

Third party Charge


On my last bill there was a premium charge for $15 for MIA Sphere live. I have contacted the number on the bill to speak to the 3rd party and after a minute the automated voice said I needed to dial another number. I dialled this number and the number is disconnected. I would like to bar all premium number services and I would like to have this $15 charge cancelled. Any help is much apprecitaed

Re: Third party Charge


Send us a private message @paulo1.

We'll set your premium SMS spend control limit to $0.00 and raise a dispute with the content provider. 


I need your full name, DOB and mobile number.

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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Re: Third party Charge


Go into an optus office and ask them where on your agreement with them it says you need to pay these fees.  I expained to the Staff it is a problem between them and teh other party.not Optus and me.


Ask them to refund it and also bar the service in the future.  If you then have my experienece, Optus iwll not get around to refunding you and you will get a one off data usage fee that more than covers the amount for Optus.

mia sphere live


I have found out I have been   billed for Mia Sphere live and had no idea.  I did contact Optus ages ago about my increased bills and they didn't tell me then that I've been paying for something like this.  Now they have to refund me 4 months worth of this scam.  Make sure you get your money back and they block this site.  Why this wasn;t done for everyone, I don't know, but it's not good customer service.

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