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We suggest jumping onto live chat →'d need to ask the consultant to action the following for you.


  • Ask that they set your Premium SMS spend limit to $0.00. This prevents any third party provider from charging your Optus account.
  • Ask that they raise a dispute with MIA Sphere Live. We're looking at a contact time-frame of 2-3 working days. Once the refund has been approved, it'll be credited back into your Optus account by the time your next invoice is due to come through.
  • We suggest paying the difference between your regular charge and premium content service charge. You will not be penalised whilst a dispute is in progress. 

If you need us to follow up on your refund, message us back here and we'll gladly help out.


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Third Party Charges


I have recently reviewed my Optus bills and have found third party charges which I did not authorize nor do I accept. I can see this extends back as early as January 2017. These suppliers include “MIA Sphere Live” and “Digital Turbine 15”. Has anyone had any luck in having these charges refunded? I find it absolutely ridiculous that I am receiving these charges. Not impressed. 

Re: Third Party Charges


Private message all your credentials (DOB etc) to a random moderator and they will probably deal with your claim. Also turn off Premium SMS spend. You hold something of a record for not noticing these charges for 15 months.




After entering a competition on the Optus Facebook page I was unknowingly subscribed to a premium service (MIA Sphere) which I did not know until I received my Optus bill. 

Apparently this is written in to the Optus Privacy Policy, pages long which of course everyone reads when they enter a competition promoted by Optus. 

Deceiving and misleading, at no point did I agree to being subscribed to a premium service by entering this competition. This was not written in black and white or made clear that it was a T&C of entering. 

Anyone else experienced this? 

Re: Competition


I'd be really surprised if you were subscribed to MIA Sphere as a direct result of entering an Optus competition. Given that they've just pretty much cut ties with most 3rd party premium content providers (that's what MIA sphere is), I just can't see them doing this. 


If you search for MIA sphere on here you'll find countless threads showing people have unknowingly been signed up to their service so I'd be more inclined to think it was a coincidence it happened in the same month/day you also entered an Optus comp. 


Either way though, you can dispute these charges quite easily. Go onto Optus Live chat and advise them you never agreed to it and want your premium SMS spend limit set to $0. This will prevent it from happening again in the future. They should also at this time lodge a dispute with MIA sphere on your behalf who then have 2 business days to contact you to resolve the matter which almost always results in a credit. 


Live Chat link -

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Re: Competition


Thanks for this info. I have spoken to Optus chat and they’ve reassured me I have been unsubscribed and will be refunded the charges. 


Yes it seems a big coincidence that I was subscribed the same day I entered the competition, makes one wonder? 

Re: MIA Sphere Live


According to Optus Helpdesk, between my wife's mobile and my own, MIA Live Sphere have charged $789 for services i never opted in for, since January... They have agreed to refund $255 of what they have ripped off... How the hell Optus can associate themselves with this company is beyond me.

Re: Competition

[ Edited ]

Apparently the scam can involve clicking on buttons on facebook so perhaps you hit the wrong one?


Out of interest what was the date you entered the competition?




Peter Gillespie

Re: Competition


Hi Peter

Perhaps I did click on the wrong button, however it seems strange I was subscribed to this premium service the same day I entered the competition being March 16 


Re: Competition


I probably should have prefaced my comments with me saying I didn't think you were lying or making anything up btw, given you entered a competition on Facebook created by Optus and then charged for a subscription on your Optus bill via a 3rd party they work with, those dots certainly start to line up for you to join together.


Glad it's being sorted out for you though. 

I do not represent Optus. The views, opinions and advice expressed in my posts are my own
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