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This isn't really a question, but a whinge!!! Like many other Optus customer, I have also been billed for Mooda MIA Sphere Live on my latest bill which I got today. I was also charged extra for Digital Turbine 12. The amounts were not huge amount ($6.36. + $0.23c), but I strongly object to being charged for something I never asked for. I have no idea what this is or how it got there? Extremely unhappy about it. A few months ago I was also billed an extra $20 for what appears to be a similar scam. When I contacted Optus about this previous billing, I was given a phone number to ring and assured it wasn't a scam. I rang the number constantly to no avail. I then left a message with my phone number for them to ring back, which of course never happened. Optus assured me they would put a stop on this particular company. Yes, there are phone numbers next to these 'extras', but after my last experience I don't intend to attempt to make contact, as I know it would be a waste of time. NOT HAPPY OPTUS!!!!! I have to say, this never happened when I was with Telstra. Should I go back to them???

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I would speak to Optus again and ask for a refund. I would also have a read of the link below as it explains how to turn these premium service charges off. If they give you any grief you may want to take the matter further and the second link below gives you information on how to do that.



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It's a free SMS that came for me and I'm thinking it's charged me but lucky I checked the app and found out before it's been weeks. Just became with the SMS that comes in 

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Hey @JC0001, sometimes these content servers can be subscribed to in-game/app, or by clicking on a banner. We certainly don't add additional charges and features to your service without your permission, however I understand that sometimes these third-party content providers can sneak up and lead to a bit of bill shock. On your bill under "Content Services", there should be a content number under the "Helpline" column for the corresponding charge. If there isn't, then please reach out to us and we can investigate the charge on your behalf. We openly encourage disputing any third-party charges that you believe shouldn't be on your service, which you can read about here

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Just discovered I have $36.36 charged to my mobile account for the last 2months for something called winneroos.


Who authorised that and how do I stop it from continuing?


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I too have been hit with charges from MIA Sphere a service I did not sign up to.


How do I make them stop and get my money back from these thieving creeps?

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The fact that Optus is allowing this to occur and hiding behind the excuse of just 'passing on costs' of an external party is a disgrace. Optus should stop allowing their business partners to do this to Optus customers. And Optus is turning a blind eye to it. In reality, Optus should simply stop associating with organisations such as this. If the charges continue on my account after this month, I for one will be taking Optus to the telecommunications ombudsman, and as soon as possible, I will be ending my 15 year (yes, 15 year!!) association with Optus. No more excuses, no more charges. 

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I have just been scammed by this MIS Sphere outfit. After I had an SMS on the 1st September, I then had a Live Chat with an Optus representative who said he had stopped any charges and that I wouldn't get any in the future. When I got my bill the following Monday by email there was also a charge from the 25th August for $9.08 that I knew nothng about, I called Optus first thing and they cancelled the charge so the amount I have to pay has been reduced by this charge. However, I checked my usage online and there are now three MIA Sphere charges for $9.08, the one on the 1st September and now two more on the 4th September. The Premium SMS was set to $0 limit on the 1st September. Will someone on this forum from Optus please get these removed so they do not appear on my invoice next month.

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I am currently having the same issues with being charged by Gamesaine with no authorisation and Optus not rectifying it. I have lodged a complaint with the telecommunications Ombudsman and only have 2 handset payments left on my account, when these payments are made, I will be taking both of my Optus services to another provider. I suggest other Optus users do the same, let your money do the talking.

Re: How do I get a refund from being scammed by this Optus Gamesaine 2 and Prizesaint? What are they


It's been months since I was "promised" a refund and "support" from Optus for being wrongfully charged.


So far: Nothing.


Give me back my money.

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