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MIA Sphere Live

I have been given several charges by Mia Sphere Live too, to the tune of $85. This is not something that I have ever signed up to. I cannot believe Optus allow these 3rd party content companies to bill you without you knowing. I called Optus and they said that they would block the company and have sent disputes for the charges on my behalf. They said I should be contacted by Mia Sphere Live in the next 2-5 business days. I will not renew my Optus contract if I am not refunded this money. I can see from various threads, that this is happening to others as well. How do I stop this happening again?

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Re: MIA Sphere Live


We just need to set the spend limit to zero. 


  1. Log into My Account

  2. Click on the Mobile phone service you'd like to edit or review

  3. Click on Settings tab from my My Account dashboard

  4. Click on Premium SMS Spend Control from Settings menu (you will be advised that this link will now take you to the Mobile Zoo portal)

  5. Log into Mobile Self Care

  6. Click on Subscriptions & Transactions from Mobile Self Care dashboard

  7. Click on Transactions from Mobile Self Care dashboard

  8. Move the slider to your desired spend limit


Slider screenshot


Hope it helps. 





Re: MIA Sphere Live

Hey TomR, as was mentioned above, you can set your spent limit to zero to effectively block out third-party content providers. Generally speaking you need to subscribe to these services and will normally receive an SMS with an option to opt-out. Often these services are subscribed to by clicking banner links or installing games and agreeing to additional charges. If they appear on your bill again, you can contact the provider directly via the contact number listed under "Helpline". If that doesn't resolve the dispute, you can contact us as you have and we can attempt to resolve the issue on your behalf. You can read more about Content Services and spend control here.

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