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Moderator Marie

Re: How do I get a refund from being scammed by this Optus Gamesaine 2 and Prizesaint? What are they

Hey @bennya & @Ausierob,


I'm so sorry to hear that this has been your experience with these companies.

We certainly do take these kinds of complaints seriously.


It is our agreement with any Third Party Content provider that they get the users okay to be charged and that you agree to the terms and conditions prior to being subscribed to their service.


As you've both said this is not the case, it's disappointing to hear.


If you'd like to PM me with your mobile number, full name and date of birth; I can then dispute the charges with all providers and they will directly contact you to discuss the charges. I can also ensure each service on the account has a $0 limit set for Premium & Content service charges moving forward.

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Occasional Contributor Ausierob
Occasional Contributor

Re: How do I get a refund from being scammed by this Optus Gamesaine 2 and Prizesaint? What are they

Dear Marie,

PM sent. 

Please explain how Optus controls these additional content service providers to ensure they actually have approvals and not simply a buried/misleading link on a Facebook page that when pressed Optus without qualification or validation of customer allows immediate billing.

How did these companies get my phone number? 

Why does your customer service tell me I have to resolve this with the company? A company they can't actually provide any information on other then a help desk number that when you get though (say 1-2 hours) they inform you tthey are not the company (a paid help desk provider) they can't provide any direct contact information other an email address, that these companies pay Optus to access Optus customers! 

So what I see is Optus work in co-operation with these companies to illicitly bill customers for unknown/unapproved services instantly but have taken no responsibility to ensure these companies are honest and accessible for your clients dealing with. 

Awaiting your prompt resolution to this unacceptable business practice. 




Contributor bennya

Re: How do I get a refund from being scammed by this Optus Gamesaine 2 and Prizesaint? What are they

Gidday Aussie Rob,

Mate thanks for the nice reply.

When I called Optus they basically said to me. "Hey it's not our fault and there is nothing we can do",except suspend the content services which of course I did but it still cost me $110.00 AUD.

The ironic thing is that when I finally got through via e-mail to the help desk which represents these companies as a third party contractor they couldn't  even show me proof of me signing up by means of digital snapshots, or any form of paperwork, and that's because there is NONE, ZILCH. Because I never sigend up for anything.

I did speak to another girl at one of the places associated with Gamesaine who said to me that what these type of companies do is use these trick pop up windows that trick you into closing it but by default you give them consent by you clicking to close the pop up window to close it and get away from the junk they are pushing but you get tricked into giving them access to bill you for some bogus service.

"Allegedly", Optus knows all about this practise ( look at all their customers complaining about it ) and it's downright unscrouplous but they earn money from it so it appears the ethics have gone out the window. Mate Sydney is so expensive it's not funny and we struggle as a fmaily to get by month to month.

What do I say to baby girl? Sorry baby girl you have to cry and go hungry for this week as daddy spent your milk formula money on playing trivia games and computer games on his mobile phone. He just couldnt resist all the flashing and spinning colours?

Really Optus?

These people have got access to my private details somehow and have the audacity to say I signed up but of course they can't show any eveidence of it. That's too much to ask & they have access essentially to take money from me through Optus. I AND MY FAMILY TRUSTED OPTUS AND YOU SOLD US OUT TO SOME SOME SHYSTERS  ON THE INTERNET WHO YOU CAN'T EVEN CONTACT THEM UNLESS IT'S THROUGH A THIRD PARTY CONTRACT HELP DESK AS THEY OPERATE FROM SOME DIGITAL BLACK HOLE OVERSEAS.

Really Optus? You guys are oding business with a compnay that hides from people and for good reason. They hide beacause they are using the OPTUS PLATFORM to scam Optus cusotmers like me?







Contributor bennya

Re: How do I get a refund from being scammed by this Optus Gamesaine 2 and Prizesaint? What are they

Absolutley, Marie can you explainin detail how Optus works with these companies and why?

RetiredModerator Gen_R

Re: How do I get a refund from being scammed by this Optus Gamesaine 2 and Prizesaint? What are they

Hi bennya,


Here's all of the information we have in regards to premium SMS here.





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Occasional Contributor Ausierob
Occasional Contributor

Re: How do I get a refund from being scammed by this Optus Gamesaine 2 and Prizesaint? What are they

Hi Bennya,

I feel for your circumstances, along with the hundreds of potential similar families and aged people who will be totally confused and cornered by this fraudulent practice that Optus support.  Such people life's will suffer due to this unscrupulous practice to which these companies and Optus takes profit from.  

Your write up is a mirror of my experience with this issue and dealings with the Optus team. 

I consider this practice fraudulent and Optus as co-conspirators in this scam. Optus takes direct monetary gain in allowing these practices to be done. Doesn't take too much clever maths to figureout the potential millions of dollars that can be scammed from customers who inadvertently fall into this trap and don't have the wherewithal to unravel the lies and misdirection of both Optus and there partners.

Optus actions at best poor business practices to potentially fraudulent in that Optus allows these scammers to (as you pointed out) to bill Optus customers with NO PROOF of the customers acknowledgement or agreement to these charges. Optus is unable to provide such poof to me. Optus is unable (or unwilling) to provide the legal entity details (legal Name, registered Address, ABN, or direct phone number-other than the help desk which is nothing to do with the company but simply a paid service provider) of the companies carry out these practices. This alone should ring all the alarm bells to fraudulent practices. When in Australia is it ok to deal with a company that doesn't provide this information immediately on request? I suggest potential tax evasion also as these companies do not provide such details, ACC please note.

When directly questioned (I have copies of my conversations with Optus customer support) that this is nothing to do with Optus. This of course is a lie. Optus provides the mechanism for these companies to know the persons details or connect to the persons account. It is Optus that bills the customer, it is Optus that collects the money, it is Optus that pays out (assuming a profit split) to these companies.  It is Optus that allows and gains from such practices at the cost of its "Valued Customers"! Clearly the biggest lie of all.


After my constant badgering and being repeatedly (5 times) told it's nothing to do with Optus, I must sort this out.. etc. I have now been told by "Debbie" that these fraudulent "charges will be removed from my bill and we are very sorry for this".

I have no trust that Optus will follow through on this promise, but I guess I will see in time.

Regardless I will never pay this.



Dear Optus, in one simple step in denying responsibility and failure to look after YOUR "valued client" you have turned a fan who promoted your services to family and friends into a loud warning beacon against you and your practices to anyone that will listen.  




Occasional Contributor Ausierob
Occasional Contributor

Re: How do I get a refund from being scammed by this Optus Gamesaine 2 and Prizesaint? What are they

Dear Jordan,

please explain how I was billed for these premium services since I never dialled or texted a '19' number and I never pressed a "Pay with Optus" button? 

If so show me proof that I did! 


It is normal scrupulous business practice that to bill for goods or services that the vendor can provide proof that such goods or services was requested and/or received.


please show such proof. 



New Contributor Seppi
New Contributor

Re: MIA Sphere Live



So some information I got from my experience with a subsidary of Mia Sphere Live, there are dozens of subsidaries like the one I was contacted and charged by and they are a blatant scam.


I have proof with my particular case that it is a scam due to them breaking the INDUSTRY CODE C637:2011 MOBILE PREMIUM SERVICES. According to the code 4.4.1 "a Content Supplier must in all cases, send a standard, dedicated SMS subscription request message ("Subscription Request Message") to the Customer's mobile phone number". Furthermore (e) of 4.4.1 "(e) instruct the Customer to send an MO Message containing a Double Opt-In Keyword to a particular Short Code in order to subscribe; " 


Now it states that a customer wanting to subscribe to these services must reply. Which I did not and thus never subscribed to their services which Optus billed me for. 


If this is the case with anyone else please give feedback or if you want read the code for these services by googling it.


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New Contributor Seppi
New Contributor

Re: MIA Sphere Live

The company that I was scammed by was hosted in Switzeland, and I was informed that it was a subsidary of Mia Sphere Live. They must be expanding their scam.

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Contributor bennya

Re: How do I get a refund from being scammed by this Optus Gamesaine 2 and Prizesaint? What are they

Gidday Ausierob,

Mate I have had thia Faceless entity called 1300 Support writing to me and they are the third party that is a helpdesk for the scammerds who are in Cahoots with Optus in the scam.  Mate they write to me with this massive long babble, about how the scam works trying to make it sound legit. What a JOKE... They write and don;t put a name at the bottom of the e-mail of who is writing to you, and no contact details of the Faceless overseas entity either.

What sort of proper business doesn't A) Say who they are and B) Hide their contact deatils so you can't identify who they are?  The reason they hide all their details and seperat ethemselves with a third party Faceless help desk is becuase they are running this billing scam on the Optus Network and want to minmise the FLAK by distancing themsleves so peole can't find them. If they were a legitimate company not running a " fraudulent scam", then they would have normal contact details liek a normal company. But becuse of the scam they have to hide from their "alleged", customers.

The funniest  thing about the whole Optus / billing scam with theses companies is that they blame the perosn being scammed saying that we joined up and subscribed etc. I always ask themn well if that's the case then e-mail me the digital proof of the sign up which they never can and always ignore my request becuase I never signed up.

By the way there is a Domain      that lists this MIA SPHERE companies scam that is similar to

this one which is    If you have a look at this site it looks like it's for children.

The other thing they do is say that someone else must have signed up on our phones. Well no one has access to my phone and It's got a passcode and finger ID as well to open it. So lots of sercurity and NO ONE has access.

It's very annoying though how OPTUS SUPPORT THESE PEOPLE RUNNING THE SCAM and have the audacity to blame us

But of course no one can show you the sign up proof becuase we never sigend up. The funny thing though is that it's clearly evident that there is a security breach that OPTUS is allowing to happen as you and I for exmaple never joined up and they have all our private details and access to obtain money from us through billing us though our phone bills.

In life if you purchase a good or a servcie there is always paperwork for the purchase as one agrees to buy the good or service for a nomianated amount of money, but oh no they can't show us the paperwork here for this "alleged", service.

I wonder why?|

I am so dissapointed that OPTUS is supporting this Faceless entity and as soon as I am out of contract I am going to move my business to a secure network where the phone compnay is not working in the shadows & in CAHOOTS with Faceless entities
to collect our money in this unethical way.

Ausierob, mate we need to all get together like a class action type thing and all write our stories and write to the board of Directors of Singtel and let them know what is going on here in terms of the OPTUS behaviour. I bet the head guys at SINGTEL don't know about how their OPTUS customers are being betrayed by OPTUS with this security breach etc. I looked up the internet and here is a link for the Board of Directrs for Singtel.

Lets all get together and all tell our stories & write a really polite and articulate letter to the whole board of Directors outlining eveything we know so far about the SCAM as at least that way they can investigate what this MIA SPHERE, Gamesaine & Optus are doing.  

What do you reckon Ausierob? Are you keen write a letter together asking them to look into whats going on here?















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