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Re: MIA Sphere Live

What are you basing this information on @Redmacca?


Optus pass the charges on, they don't collect on it themselves. Just like every other telco does in Australia.


While I'm not a fan of most premium SMS services, most of them work within the law. If you have a problem, maybe your anger should be directed at the ACCC and ACMA? Given they're the government bodies that govern these groups.


And you can actually put a $0 limit, effectively barring it, from My Account online. You don't need to call

I do not represent Optus. The views, opinions and advice expressed in my posts are my own
New Contributor Lukwarm
New Contributor

Re: MIA Sphere Live

Good on you @Redmacca

Here are the issues I have with 3rd party Sms scams.

1. The 3rd party company doesn't chase the telco customers for these charges. The telcos chase their own customers for this money. 

Customers have little to no power to fight back at these scams.

I have complained about this sort of scam before and I changed telcos because they treated me like the person doing the wrong thing.

These big companies collect billions of dollars from their customers. How many people need to be scammed before the telcos stand up to the real bad guys.


2. Just because the government doesn't say that this scam is illegal doesn't make it right.

 The telcos need to start taking a stand for their customers against these sort of scams. They need to trust their customers over people stealing these customer's money. 

It's not illegal to take upskirt pictures but most normal people would be offended by someone taking them. 


Based on only these two points I can understand why a person would suspect that the telcos are a part of the scam.

New Contributor MarineBoy
New Contributor

Re: MIA Sphere Live

Got "Free Message" informing me of subscription to which 3rd party content, charged on my mobile account bill. Immediately called Optus to report unauthorized charge. They blocked recurring monthly charge and gave me help line number 1300724406 which I called, but when I confirmed my number back to them they said it didn't exist in their system (automated answering service). Called back Optus, explained Catch22 regarding getting a refund for current charge, and I am happy to report they waived the charge from my mobile sccount bill. 

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New Contributor beardox
New Contributor

Re: MIA Sphere Live

Hi Optus People,


Today we recieved a $45.40 premium on our Optus mobile bill for 'content services not included in current plan benefit'. This was for service description 'Tap Gamez' from Supplier 'MIA Sphere Live'. We have not solicited nor enetered into a contract with this supplier for anything and have received no notification of a benefit or service for this payment through OPTUS.


We took a copy of this invoice to our local OPTUS shop front (Nambour QLD) and queried the Tap Gamez/MIA Sphere Live amount. We got cold comfort from the OPTUS customer rep who suggested we must have pressed something on our phone that solicited this premium to our usual charges. We were then informed that we should contact the supplier (MIA Sphere Live) and thence OPTUS service and have our account amended to prevent this billing in future if we did not desire this 'service'.


This is really poor form OPTUS. At the appropriate time we will sever our longstanding contract with you and go elsewhere. Are you colluding with these criminals to defraud your customers? When asked why we are leaving we will produce this bill and explain. Really, really poor form you *astards. Why are you billing your loyal customers on behalf of these crooks?


This hasn't stopped here. You have picked the wrong people to *uck with. THIS WILL BE OVER FACEBOOK IN SHORT ORDER.


Yours in infamy,


The Hardy Family


New Contributor tulley12
New Contributor

Re: barring premium sms

I have found that this does not work on a modem under a mobile broadband plan after I, somehow, was charged a Premium SMS service. The option does not exist. The only way I found to Bar was to phone custormer service.

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Contributor mazz_a

Re: barring premium sms

Hi Wabbalee,


Please send me a private message with your details, I can look into it for you regarding the premium sms barring 

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Occasional Contributor Mrcashback
Occasional Contributor

Re: MIA Sphere Live

I had 3x charges for 'HOT TUBE' from Mia sphere,

I recieved 4x texts during the month to advise me I had signed up and to reply stop to opt out, but I assumed that these were scam messages as I hadn't opted in to anything. I was of the assumption they were mass messages looking to see who would reply so they could use the active numbers in phase 2 of the scam.

But, fast forward to thismorning, and I see the opt out sms was legit... In any event, I didnt opt in, so called the number on my bill.... That number was 1300724406. There was nobody reachable there, but, an automated message did give me another number 1300724539... At this number I reached a genuine .. A cocky, arrogant know it all type, almost certainly a one man show and head of whatever the scam is..... At the beginning of the call, before he picks up, there is a message advising that all calls are recorded for quality and coaching purposes..... This is important later, because I recorded the call too on my end


This guy clearly has no customer service training, and his main goal on the phone was to come accross as being right. He refused to acknowledge any way possible that I could have been charged without opting in, because "I sent you 4x opt out messages", to which I advised I thought those opt out messages were a scam, and there was no way I was texting anything to a 1900 number when i knew full well i never opted in to anything.... He couldnt accept that logic and continued to refuse to refund me.. He claimed "optus knows you opted in" (which later turned out to be false), and if it wasnt me, then someone else must have on my phone.

I advised that Nobody else has access tomy phone, and that if he was going to continue to refuse a refund, then I wanted his company details so I could make a police report and file a small claims court claim....

He refused to provide any company details (screams of scam), saying if i wanted info to call optus as he wasnt giving me any, but, at that point he agreed "as a gesture of goodwill" to refund one payment only... I said I wanted them all refunded, and he said he would do one, or none... I said lets get the one payment processed then discuss the rest, he agreed that one payment would be refunded and appear within 48hrs....

I then said Inwant the rest refunded, because this is a scam, and you wouldnt have agreed to anything if you thought there was anything false about my call. He then comes back with "fine, your getting no refund then" to which I advise I have hime on voice recording confirming I would recieve one refund within 48hrs..

THEN, he comes back with "im going to hang up on you then, because its illegal to record a call without informing me.....

I sternly advise him that in QLD only one party of the call needs knowledge of the recording, and in the rest if the country, it doesnt matter, because his voice recording specifies already that the call is being recorded, so, that is clear advice right there, also on the boic recording...

He says he didnt advise that, telstra did and hung up on me....


So, i call optus, i ask if they can give details of the person charging me like abn, service address etc etc.... They cant give that info, but they confirm theyve had a number of complaints about it and block premium services.. They refund the charges in full. I ask them if theres any way they can block the provider from charging other people getting scammed, and they say he already has, but, I doubt thats true!


So, I ring back the just to gloat really and to have another crack at him about hanging up based on the call recording issue...... I have a suspicious feeling that he wanted me to get optus to refund me though, and wouldnt be surprised if optus take that hit and let him keep his profit because they innitiated the refund and not him....


In any event, i was billed for a service I didnt subscribe to

Theres nobody there at the official helpline number

The seccondary number is serviced by an unprofessional weasel

They refused to provide company name, abn, or service address.

They refused to take complaint seriously.

They refused a refund, even after promising partial refund

They obviously know what theyre doing is wrong or they wouldnt take issue with calls being recorded, aven though thier lead in message advises that all calls are recorded.


Do not wear any charges from this company.... Make a complaint, insist on a refund, and dont settle for a partial refund


Occasional Contributor Bilby210
Occasional Contributor

Re: MIA Sphere Live

Just received my 1/7/16 account with the content charge. Had an online chat session with Optus and the amount $19.97 has been credited/refunded immediately and the number blocked. Excellent response and service. The amount was charged to my data modem account, not my phone account. No SMS involved.  (A friend with Telstra had a similar experience with Mobi Watch - warn your friends on Telstra).

My account is all-inclusive and doesn't vary month to month. That is why I noticed the charge. I would guess many people with varied monthly charges may not notice & that is how these scammers make their money. I will be suggesting to friends they check their accounts.

Surely the fault here is with Optus and Telstra and any other tel company allowing charges through their facility without proper back-up security and the ACCC should take these companies to task. How hard can it be? With Apple you cannot buy anything, without touch or/and your Apple ID.

New Contributor freks22
New Contributor

Re: MIA Sphere Live

This happened to me too and optus supposably barred it. Look at my account this month charged one so far! so annoying

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New Contributor jammali
New Contributor

Re: MIA Sphere Live

Dear Optus,


I also need assistance on this issue.


I noticed this month's bill was over $100 which is almost double my usual bill, and would put me out of budget.

Then I noted this was from fraudulent charges by supplier "MIA Sphere Live", which has been billing me $9.08 each week every Sunday at 8:50AM for "Funnyvid".


I didn't click or text anything to have entered into subscription, and I called the helpline "1300 724 406" which claim my number is not even on the subscription list.


So 1. I would like a refund, and 2. to block this subscription and all other premium SMS subscriptions (which I can't seem to do anymore on self service).

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